Beltbag: A New Safety Feature to be Released by Mercedes-Benz

Clarissa July 22, 2012

As roads are becoming more dangerous overtime because of drunk or neglectful drivers, car manufacturers are actively looking for protective devices that they can put on their models. The airbags, for example, are being highly developed. Now, there are airbags for the knees which are adopted by almost all car makers. But Mercedes-Benz is not stopping there, they are now releasing the “Beltbag.”

According to Daimler’s media site, the Beltbag will go in production in a luxury class model, which, we think should be the S-Class that will be released sometime next year. Like what the name implies, the Beltbag will be worn like a belt by the passengers in the rear. Once the crash sensors detect a grave frontal impact, the airbag control will trigger deployment and the Beltbag will inflate.

Because of the inflation, the head-on collision will be lessened which will also decrease the strain on the ribcage. The Beltbag was developed and tested not only by dummy measurement technology, the three star brand also used virtual human models to ensure that the new protective feature of their cars will do its job of decreasing the harm of a crash to the passengers.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Rodolfo Schöneburg, Head of Passive Safety and Vehicle Functions at Mercedes-Benz Cars commented, “Mercedes-Benz is pursuing its safety initiative in the rear of vehicles with the Beltbag,”he said further “After all, the excellent standard of safety offered by Mercedes-Benz doesn’t just apply to all model series, but to all seats, too.”

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