Mercedes-Benz Inaugurates World’s First Dedicated Fuel Cell Facility

Ryan Joseph Ramos June 24, 2012

Mercedes-Benz has just opened the first facility in the world that’s dedicated to the development and production of fuel cell stacks. That’s what Mercedes-Benz Canada recently celebrated, as they inaugurated the new 3,300-square meter facility in the British Columbia city of Burnaby.

This is in line with the efforts of Daimler and Mercedes-Benz to continue its leadership in the development of fuel cell technology as well as in making the technology viable for commercial applications, a pivotal part of making the automotive industry more environment-friendly.

“Fuel cells will one day power cars around the world, and B.C.’s world-class innovators are going to work with Mercedes-Benz to achieve that vision,” said Minister of Jobs, Tourism, and Innovation Pat Bell.

The location of the facility is strategic, as it is very close to the Greater Vancouver Area’s fuel cell cluster as well as the Automotive Fuel Cell Cooperation’s fuel cell stack development. This makes the area the premiere fuel cell development center, especially when it comes to automotive applications.

The new facility is already being tested and in the process of being commissioned. It had already produced its first automated fuel cell stack last June 7.

Mercedes-Benz Canada President and CEO Tim A. Reuss was delighted with the milestone facility. “Fuel cell technology represents a viable transportation solution for the future that will provide our customers a zero-local emission vehicle that does not require any compromise.”

Comments (6)

  1. I guess it’s just another way name for Ballard Power.
    MB and other car companies invested many millions so far, with not a lot coming out. Lets see if anything different comes of it.
    Still dreaming of fuel cells as the answer.
    Take us there.

  2. Correction.
    Looking at Google maps, MB have taken over one of the two Ballard buildings in the Burnaby area in Canada.
    Ballard is still alive!
    OK guys, give us our fuel cells, soon, or we will have to go back to gas, from all the new frackin shale fields.

  3. I guess they made the first combustible engine for a car.

    If they can figure out how to make a small fuel cell, that converts any fuel into electricity, with chemical action, instead of burning explosive action, then electric car sales would take off.
    One big problem is the fuel cell always looks small to begin with, but add on everything around it, to make it work, and it becomes huge. As well, they don’t work very well below freezing.
    So not reliable in cold climates. Maybe one billion in new research could find solutions?


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