GPS Technology in Mercedes-Benz Vehicles

Muamer Hodzic May 23, 2012

One of the major uses of GPS is navigation. Top car brands these days, allow customers to opt for an in-built GPS navigation system, when buying a car. Mercedes-Benz models come with an array of advanced features to make driving and navigation a pleasant experience.

Most Benz models have a GPS tracking system and a hard drive, which allows the storing of maps, points of interest and so on. A survey and rating application is also included, which rates restaurants, hotels, golf courses etc., to help customers make a choice, based on their requirements. The maps are generally 3-dimensional, giving a realistic view of the path and the surroundings. When driving in unfamiliar places, the GPS can play the role of a virtual co-pilot, giving driving directions to the destination. Selecting a destination is extremely simple. It can be directly selected on the map using the cursor, or by using the zip code or address entry.

The navigation system from Mercedes-Benz can be integrated with the audio system of the vehicle for getting detailed voice instructions as well. This makes it convenient for the drivers, who can drive without having to look into the maps. Features such as optimal lane recommendations, display of high-way signs, exit ramps and other lane information are as well available.

The COMAND system is a Mercedes-Benz proprietary system, which forms a centre that controls all audio, telecommunications and telematics functions in the vehicle. The term COMAND stands for Cockpit Management and Data system. This system allows functions like GPS navigation, CD and DVD playing, radio, amplifier-functions and so on to be integrated and controlled from a single point. This COMAND system is equipped with a color-screen, which is usually a widescreen TFT one, with a multi-directional wheel, which allows the user to control the various telematics functionality inside the vehicle. Thus, the driver can use this COMAND system for viewing maps, selecting destinations, getting voice directions to the destination, among other things.

Special services like the mbrace Navigation and Destination Planning Services are as well offered to customers. This service has a feature called Send2Benz™, which lets the customer send a destination to the Benz vehicle remotely, from another device, such as a smartphone or a computer. There is also a feature called Drive2Friend™ which allows a friend’s location to be sent to the navigation system of the vehicle. Features for downloading points of interest at a specific destination, or getting traffic and weather updates, and so on are offered too.

Apart from navigation and destination planning, Mercedes-Benz also uses the GPS system for speed regulation in its cruise control system. The company has been working on yet another aspect that uses GPS tracking system for saving fuel when the cruise control is engaged. The new cruise control system in these vehicles is supposed to employ GPS technology, to scan the road’s topography, and then shift the gear to an optimum level, so as to save fuel. This particular feature is supposed to increase fuel efficiency by 3%. At present this feature is employed in the trucks only. It has not yet been announced for passenger cars.

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