Active Comfort System to reinvigorate your driving senses

Kharl Prado May 22, 2012

Mercedes-Benz keeps the love alive among its most loyal fans with its latest technological offering — the Active Comfort System. This system is designed to (get this) make drivers fall asleep. Yes, you read right.

Before you raise your hand in argument, take note that it’s not meant to make drivers fall asleep while driving. Rather, Mercedes-Benz designed the system to help you catch powernaps wherever and whenever you pull over for lack of a good night’s rest.

Yeah, sure. Whether it’s for lack of sleep the previous night, or just a really bad hangover, this system will help you catch a few z’s to help clear your head for the road ahead. Mercedes-Benz hopes that with fatigue being a major cause of road fatalities, their system can help bring even the most tired drivers home safe and sound.

Not only that. Designers of the system believe that a well-rested driver has a more fuel-efficient right foot. So there. Safety and fuel economy. Sounds good enough to enjoy. Here’s to hoping that it comes standard in all future models.


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