Mercedes Announced The 2013 R231 SL’s Price

Clarissa April 2, 2012

Mercedes-Benz announced the official price of the 2013 SL in Europe, that happened a few days before the launch of the car on March 31.

The car is based on the SL 350, with a different engine. A 3.5L V6 that produces 306 PS will be retailed for €93,534, while the one with the 435 HP V engine, the SL 500 will be priced at € 117,096.

The 3.5L engine V6 car is known to be a fuel-saver, the company says that it saves almost 30% more than its predecessors as it uses just 6.8 liters for every 100 kilometer drive. Aside from the improved engines, the R231’s body is mostly made of aluminum, which makes it lighter than the previous SLs. The high-tech wiper is also a dominant feature in this car.

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  1. Mercedes is out of time, having so much diffuculties to catch up with BMW, but, obviously, with no success.
    Still has old 7G transmission, in the same time VW, Audi, Porsche, Lexus etc use 8 speed for two years. Mercedes also has wick engines comparing to BMW,the use same power/same engines for so many years…On the web site there is still offered old A class etc. Benz people, where do you live?

  2. Lawyer don’t be a hater. Mercedes Benz is sheer class! Your overrated BMW has been static! The interior of the new 3 series is no different from the series of almost twenty years ago. If you look at the interior of Merc and Audi you see progression.

    By the way, Merc keeps refining their engines. In case you didn’t know, in recent years Merc has moved from naturally aspirated engines to the force-fed ones. Where have you been? Or is it blind loyalty to, or obsession with, BMW that you can’t even see a good thing in fron ot your eyes.

    Which can from BMW can rival CLS 63? How about the SLS, CL and SL? I’m not even talking about the GL and G classes.

    The only thing that BMW managed to come up with is the over-priced 1 series and Merc will be competing in that space to “catch them young”.

    At least, BMW was innovative with the gargantuan X6. Unfortunately, it’s eating into BMW’s X5 and X3 market…


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