Journo Rearends SLS AMG With A C63 AMG

Emmanuel P March 12, 2012

Designating a fleet of cars as test drive mules is a necessity in the automotive business, more so if an automaker like Mercedes seeks to curry positive reviews with the local automotive press. China being a major market for the German automaker, Mercedes recently deemed that a test day was necessary for a couple of high performance vehicles from its AMG division.

The venue was at the Zhuhai racetrack, which is a pretty decent track even by international standards. So Mercedes-AMG must have been pretty confident that handing out keys to various test drivers during its SLS AMG Trak Xperience would go pretty smoothly. But no. Two journalists managed to put two AMG cars out of commission either through bad luck, inexperience, overzealousness or plain stupidity. As reports tell it, an SLS AMG driven by a journalist was doing a braking maneuver entering a curve at the track when another journo in a C63 AMG rearended the SLS. As you will see from the pictures, the damage would have been heavy enough to put the cars off duty for the day.

This accident is by no means the first time an incident like this happened during a test drive day. But managing to put two cars out of commission at the same time must have been an experience organizers did not expect.

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