For Improve Safety, Mercedes’ Presents the Active Seat-Belt Buckle

Clarissa February 8, 2012

Most of the times, we think that buckling up is only for those seated on the front seats. If you’re seating at the back, and you are used to buckling up, then that’s great. However, surely, you are encountering one problem, the belts are difficult to look for as they tend to be hidden in the gaps under the upholstery.

That’s what Mercedes-Benz is trying to address when they made the active seat-belt buckle. This new system features a buckle that emerges from the upholstery once the rear doors are opened. This is made possible by an electric motor that activates and extends the seat belt buckle by 70cm.

Another great feature is the glowing insertion slot that can attract the passenger’s attention, which can encourage them and remind them to buckle up. The buckles are also easy to detach, so in case of emergency, the passengers can easily get out of the car.

It is expected that the active seat-belt buckle will be in production for Mercedes’ luxury models soon.

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