Facelifted G-Class To Receive Powerful AMG Engines

Emmanuel P February 10, 2012

There’s more to love with Mercedes’ venerable G-Class, as Mercedes has confirmed that a facelifted version of this rugged offroader is getting even more powerful engines when it’s introduced this year. First off, the G55 AMG will see its supercharged V8 ditched in favor of the 5.5-liter twin turbo V8 found in other AMG vehicles. What this means is that new G55 AMG owners will have 525 horsepower at their disposal. Coupled with its proven four-wheel drive system, there is little terrain this monster can’t conquer. But far from making gas stations your best friends, this engine’s advanced technologies will see it eating up more miles, not gasoline.

But for those who want even more, there is the limited-edition G65 AMG, which confirms the rumor mills of a V12-engined G-Class. Further down the road, a hybrid G-Class is also expected to be released. Decades since its introduction, Mercedes’ improvements to the G-Class continue to make it an evergreen platform.

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  1. No wonder nobody believes Mercedes build cars for the future. I love performance but a G65 is simply dumb and shows that MB will do anything if a couple $ are to be made.
    A G500 is already terible on fuel, i wouldnt want to know what the average in real life (not MB values)
    In the mean time BMW and Audi get credit to be set for the future.

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  3. I have a G550 real world driving is about 13mpg and highway is 15-16. I only drive it about 5,000 miles a year though. I will agree that some people buy these as a status symbol but then there are those that buy them because they appreciate quality, and because the cars last forever, can go anywhere, and they’re just cool. It’s also interesting (and a bit frustrating) that people pick on SUV’s for getting terrible gas mileage but no one looks at higher number production vehicles that get 14-15mpg like the (now) retired ford crown vic, or lincoln town car, or even mini-vans which all get driven more miles per year than niche cars like the G class. Maybe we should be more thoughful of our critisims and less reactionary.


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