E63 AMG Video Shows Car’s Jekyll & Hyde Persona

Emmanuel P February 16, 2012

Many enthusiasts bemoan the loss of naturally-aspirated behemoth engines like the 6.2 liter V8 which was once the mainstay AMG engine. But despite the thinking of traditionalists, Mercedes engineering has shown that power and fuel efficiency are not mutually exclusive. With the new-generation AMG twin turbo V8, Mercedes has proven that power and fuel efficiency can go hand in hand. Other German manufacturers have made a similar switch to forced induction like AMG has, and the new 5.5 biturbo V8 is certainly no slouch. And as the clip that follows shows, the sound of the engine is not too shabby either.

What is becoming more apparent with each new model introduction is the fact that Mercedes, through AMG, has been turning out pretty exciting cars that were once thought to be the purview of their fiercest competitior, BMW. Combining power and luxury, the E63 is an example of having your cake and eating it too.

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