AMG Says No Diesel Engines In Its Future

Emmanuel P February 7, 2012

Many enthusiasts have been dismayed by BMW’s announcement of using diesel engines for its M-badged high-performance variants. Despite its successes in world endurance races as shown by Audi’s domineering diesel race cars, one cannot equate race-bred diesel engines and fuels with the more common everyday diesels found from econoboxes to big rig trucks. Economy, sure. High performance? Not at this point.

So it’s with a sigh of relief when we hear from AMG head Ola Källenius that diesels aren’t a consideration for Mercedes’ high performance cars. Staying committed to gasoline-powered drivetrains, Källenius went on to say that diesel engines can only compromise AMG’s lineup. Adding that petrol engines have the obvious benefits in terms of sound, weight, agility and response, he gave as an example AMG’s biturbo 5.5 liter unit, which while producing 560 horsepower, is highly efficient given its use of direct injection and forced induction.

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  1. Thats OK with me… as AMG is a specialty niche in performance. It is a small portion of the overall offerings of Mercedes Benz.

    But on the other hand i really like to see advancemnet in Technology in general. I think that by keeping diesels in the BMW line up would just add to push the envelope in Engine Performance technology.
    I think the main reason BMW is getting out is that Diesel is teh most expensive fuel (once again…) in America. Thus people tend NOT to BUY a car based on that fact. Thus sales will be lower.
    [email protected]#$% OIL INDUSTRY …really drives the “machine” …. CORRUPTION

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