Would You Let Your Children Tune Your Mercedes?

Clarissa January 7, 2012

Mercedes-Benz cars are expensive, prices range from 5-6 digits in US dollar thus you would want these treasures to last long and remain beautiful.

Because of the brand’s reputation and performance of its vehicles, lots of companies are interested in tuning it. Cars are stylish toys for adults, but what if the children play with it?

In this photo grabbed from English Russia website, the $200,000 Mercedes ML63 AMG was “tuned” by kids (or by a kid?) You can see that the elegant car is filled with stickers, the dash with flower stickers and the steering wheel is full of heart shaped ones. Not to mention that there was some kind of weird plastic wrapped on the steering wheel. Cute huh?

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  1. Its not decorated by a child. Its a woman likely oriental. I’m sorry bit the fact is that I regularly see luxury cars decorated with hello Kittyyhe stickers and plus seat covers.

    Then again, everyone has their own tastes so more power to them

  2. Oh my god! No no no! Its one thing with letting your kids put stickers on your rear windows of your older car, but a whole new level to let your kids decorate a beautiful Mercedes like this! But then again some people just look at cars like just another piece of metal, so they don’t care what happens to it.


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