Tips about buying car insurance for your Mercedes-Benz

Muamer Hodzic January 27, 2012

If you own a luxury car like a Mercedes-Benz, it makes sense to compare car insurance, not just for the potential savings but also for the features of the product you are buying. In the same way that you looked at the feature offerings of the luxury car you bought, so should you look at more than just the basic coverage your insurer may be offering you. Most companies will start with the minimum coverage you need and go from there. Since our sample vehicle is a Mercedes, which is a luxury car, you need to make sure that your insurance covers more than simple repairs. Most luxury cars nowadays have premium features that are quite expensive to repair, so make sure that your insurance covers this. On the other hand, just because your drive an expensive car doesn’t mean that it’s a magnet for car thieves. In a survey of cars most often chosen by car thieves, the Mercedes E-Class actually ranked very low on the list. Insurance companies keep updated lists of the most stolen vehicles. Higher insurance premiums reflect the risks insurance companies perceive with these vehicles. With the knowledge of which cars are high-risk models, make sure that a car insurance comparison takes factors like these into account.

In doing car insurance comparisons, you need to be also aware that the age group a person belongs in is a significant factor when preparing a quote. Teenagers and high performance cars are a red flag, as are entry-level cars like Civics and Corollas being driven by newbie drivers. In a car insurance comparison to illustrate the risks insurance companies place on young drivers, the difference in premiums between a teen driving a Civic and a 40-year old driving a Corvette was only two hundred dollars. When shopping for insurance coverage, a good reference would be to look at that national averages for a particular model. Just note that these averages are based on a 40-year old driver with a clean driving record. Location may also play a significant factor, as it is more expansive to insure your car in bigger cities than in smaller ones. Houston auto insurance costs for instance, are significantly higher than most other cities in the US, which is why shopping for car insurance and comparing policies is the best way to save money.

In addition to your basic coverage, you should also take a look at the options the insurance company may be offering. . One company’s quote may include roadside assistance and car rentals while another company’s leaves one out. The insurance coverage you need for a Mercedes should cover repairs that are not warranted. And bear in mind in driving a luxury car like a Mercedes, a costly premium is not a given. Car insurance comparisons will give you a good idea on the best deal for you and your Mercedes.

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