SL65 Black Series And Nissan GT-R Mix It Up

Emmanuel P January 30, 2012

In response to a video posted here showing a straight line race between an 850hp Nissan GT-R and an SL65 AMG Black Series, we present two unmodified examples of the two. With more than a 100-horsepower difference between the GT-R and the SL65 AMG Black Series, there are no prizes for guessing who won. Below is a video of two stock examples of these cars on another course but using the same basic format.

As all enthusiasts know, the GT-R has become the benchmark for affordable performance cars and stock, it offers levels of performance that few cars can match. Although its price of admission is cheap, the Nissan’s maintenance requirements approach those of exotic cars. But as with most Japanese cars, even the Nissan GT-R comes off a mass production line, which cannot be said for the Black Series cars from AMG. Despite looking like a porky old geezer’s car, this SL65 AMG Black Series matches the all-wheel drive GT-R’s acceleration and walks away from there.

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  1. That is not a 850 hp GTR if it was the SL would not even be next to it for more then half a second, get your facts straights. They even mention it in the video saying it is a standard GTR and in the title of the video saying its 485 hp.


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