How your car can make you money

Muamer Hodzic January 23, 2012

Running a car is not cheap – from insurance to tax, repairs, petrol, not to mention the air fresheners – it all adds up. However, you do not have to succumb to your overdraft at the end of every month due to the demands of your car – there are many ways that you can make back some of the money it costs you to run your car.

Renting out

There are websites in existence that match the demand to the supply, i.e. those who have a car to rent with those who need to rent a car. For instance, if your car sits on your drive at the weekend, or perhaps you work part-time during the week, there may be a few days where you and your four wheels can earn some money. As long as you have insurance and MOT, it’s a simple process.


Advertising is most businesses’ favourite word. If you have no shame in plastering your windows in advertising, this is a great way to make money. How much you earn depends on how much of your car you don’t mind being used for the advertising, but be sure to check with your car insurance company about advertisements on the bodywork of your car.

Car Insurance

Assuming that you have car insurance, one way to save money is to switch from pay monthly car insurance to annual insurance, in order to save money.

Become a courier

Another option is to actually get paid for driving. If there’s a long distance journey that you sometimes make, for instance for work or to visit relatives, you can be sure that there’s someone that needs to get something delivered somewhere along the way.
Again, there are websites available that offer a place for supply to meet demand – it’s a simple process and as well as making money, you’re helping the environment by saving the o-zone one less car journey.

Car share

If you live nearby or en-route to colleagues, you can save money on petrol by sharing lifts to work and back. Not only will this save you petrol money, as well as the environment, but it will probably lighten your spirits more than that desolate Monday morning journey on your own. Sharing a daily commute could save you hundreds of pounds – even if you live near no one you work with, there’ll always be parents nearby on the same school run!


Many take-away restaurants require drivers in order to deliver their food, so if you can afford to have one night a week doing something a bit different – pop into your local pizza takeaway and start inquiring.

Car boot sales

The main requirement for a car boot sale is having a car, so take advantage of it!

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  1. Have your teenager share the family car instead of owning his or her own. Be sure check “Clearance Auto” and also add if your son or daughter makes the honor roll or moves away to college. Both qualify for discounts with most companies.


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