S600 Attempts Puddle Run

Emmanuel P December 3, 2011

The Mercedes S600 can be described as a top-notch luxury car, Maybach replacement, a chariot for the rich and powerful and many other things. It cannot, however, be described as an offroad vehicle. This rich Russian owner must have missed that last bit, because he tried to demonstrate his S600’s all-round capabilities, with possibly disastrous consequences.

Apart from the acute embarrassment of having a mere Lexus and an Infiniti assist this chariot of kings, the owner is possibly looking at some major dealer service. Some electronics may have shorted as a result of this excursion, and that interior will definitely have to be cleaned. It doesn’t look like the V12 ingested water (which would have wrecked the engine), but a thorough diagnostic checkup is certainly in order. But if you can afford an S600, some dealer service should not bother you. What’s curious is why take a trek through the woods in an S600 when you obviously can afford a first-class offroader like a G55?

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  1. I am Russian, so I can come up with a few plausible reasons for this predicament. See, in Russia, like in many other 3rd world countries, image can mean a lot. So people save their last penny to buy upscale vehicles while scrambling for gas and maintenance leaving with their mother (literally) ’cause having the S-Class contributes to their image. If this is the case, then the vehicle in question may be the only car the owner has. Hence, the off-road foray depicted. Also, regarding needing upholstery cleanup, maybe not. Look how the car is raised on the driver’s side. It might be just enough to clear the door. Also, they could have evacuated through the windows (they were open). This is not atypical or shocking situation for the Russian reality. They will pull the S-Class in 15 minutes and get on with their voyage, probably still traversing this puddle, but now tethered or otherwise rigged. Not a big deal.

  2. The author asserts that an S-Class owner can afford a G-Class. And I am saying that people driving premium cars in Russia are not necessarily rich. This S-Class may be the only vehicle they have. One thing is certain, this sort of embarrasement is not that uncommon in Russia. Plenty of reckless people there, drunk or sober.


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