Red Gold Mercedes McLaren for Sale for $11 Million

Clarissa December 7, 2011

Swiss designer Ueli Anliker, the one who made the “Red Gold Dream” Mercedes McLaren SLR is now selling it for a whopping $11 Million.

If you are interested, well, you better get ultra-sensitive burglar alarm system for this because 11 lbs of gold dust in the paint, which cost over $300,000. The materials alone cost $5.4 million, then the laborers who worked on this “exotic-looking car” were surely paid exorbitant amount.

According to MotorAuthority, it comes with a GPS tracking system, and proximity alarm. But with a vehicle as expensive as this, you will surely need more “secured” security.

Well, not everyone will like this, because it looks rather, uhm, different. But reports says that there are  prospective buyers from Middle East and China who already contacted Anliker.

Source: MotoAuthority


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  1. OK, this car, it is what it is, but please can you tell me where the hell they found those two ugly models to represent it, I have saw this “model’s” near this car a few times in different occasion, so what the hell??? when you can afford a 11 Million dollars to invest in a car please do so and put some really f*** good pu*** near it. PLEASE!!!


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