No Hybrid or Diesel Versions For Mercedes SL

Emmanuel P December 19, 2011

In keeping with the “Sport Light” badging that the model represents, Mercedes has decided that the new 2013 SL will not be offered in hybrid or diesel versions. As Mercedes has often enough reminded us, the new SL sports extensive aluminum structures and components. The resulting car is significantly lighter than its predecessor while being substantially stiffer by 20 percent.

And to make the best of that rigidity and lightness, Mercedes has deemed that the engines worthy of the SL badging should be powered by no less than a 3.5 liter V6 in the SL 350 and an twin turbo, 430 horsepower V8 in the SL 500. The latter engine is more than 10% more powerful than the SL 500 of the previous SL model. Lighter, stiffer and more powerful. No prizes for guessing which car would be more fun to drive. And it that’s not enough, there’s always the AMG version that’s sure to follow, which will offer 500 horsepower at the minimum.

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