car2go Announces Milestones

Emmanuel P December 26, 2011

Regular readers will know about the innovative car2go service which has been launched in various cities around the world, with most sites located in Europe. In an indicator of its continued popularity and acceptance, car2go recently announced that it’s 1 millionth transaction has recently been recorded. Worldwide, the car2go service accommodates 1,000 rentals a day. At this point, there are 2,000 vehicles in service and more than 50,000 customers worldwide. By 2016, car2go is aiming to have a presence in 40 to 50 European cities, with a dual-digit number of cities in the U.S.

Also being refined is the transaction system that will allow a car2go member in one locality to roam in another country. This would be of great convenience in Europe. As of now, a car2go membership is limited to one locality, and a multinational or multi-city user would have to register multiple times. car2go hopes to have the roaming system up and running in 2012.

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