McLaren Mercedes SLR 722 GTB by Sievers

Emmanuel P November 28, 2011

Launched at the 2011 Essen Show is this McLaren Mercedes by Sievers. Based on the already powerful SLR 722, Sievers has bumped the output of this car to a heady 814 horsepower. And while they were at it, the tuner also found enough weight savings to trim the car down to the 1,500 kilo range. Sievers hasn’t released any numbers but horsepower calculators you’ll find online predict a sub-3.5 second 0-60 mph time.  Although these numbers would make you think that this is a race car, it is in fact street legal.

The only numbers the chief executive officer would release were the top speed of over 350 kilometers per hour and a price tag of 1.9 million Euros.  Not exactly a Black Friday special, but then again, Sievers, or for that matter, Mercedes, doesn’t make enough of this exclusive toy that you can find them in any Mercedes showroom.


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