Ice Sheet Doesn’t Faze Mercedes G-Class Driver

Emmanuel P November 25, 2011

Here’s a reason why the G-Class has such credibility as an off-roader and all around vehicle. Shot in winter weather in Poland, it shows this 240G doing extra duty as an icebreaker. Encountering a road that’s turned into a slurry mixture combined with a section of sheet ice, the driver of this G-Class doesn’t turn back but actually attacks the obstacle with gusto. And as the video title confirms, this G-Class’ engine is a diesel, which in terms of power is pretty low in the range of available powerplants but nevertheless provides enough torque to move the vehicle forward in terrain such as this.

While the video is jerky and obviously shot by an amateur, its very rawness, as opposed to those you see from, lends the entire video an air credibility. It’s a testament to the ruggedness of the G-Class that owners around the world think nothing of tackling normally impassable roads such as this.

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