Mercedes-Benz working on a SLK Gullwing?

Muamer Hodzic January 28, 2009

Is Mercedes-Benz prepping a new low-end Gullwing? Well according to AutoExpress, Mercedes has plans to bring a new SLK Gullwing to the masses, which may look very similar to its bigger brother, the SLC Gullwing. Besides having some amazing gullwing doors, and draw inspiration from the legendary 300SL, it is also supposed to be hybrid.

With some very muscular lines, it will be a big change compared to the current SLK (which women love to drive). The hood is much longer and due to the gullwing doors, the side sills will be much higher than on normal cars. The designers actually took that weakness and turned it into an opportunity. The higher sides will be used to store lithium-ion battery packs for the hybrid model, which will be closely based on the BlueZero E-Cell Concept shown at the 2009 NAIAS.

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  1. Insider – The fact that you said it was the wrong design, leads me to believe that there is an SLK Gullwing in the works, but AutoExpress just didn’t get the design right. Can you give us any more info besides it being the wrong design 🙂

  2. Though I think this would be an excellent idea I don’t understand why MB would do this to the SLK, its traditionally a convertible, and I think that’d be a bit ahrd to design with Gullwing doors. Maybe it’ll be something else.
    I have a family member who works with these project two years before they come out and I haven’t heard anything yet….

  3. There will be only one Gullwing which will be named SLC. There is no SLK-Gullwing project. The Gullwing will be produced by AMG using a 625hp engine (on the plans). In fact, a very logic reason is that if there is a SLK-Gullwing on the market, it would take away marketshare from the SL.

    Also the future SLK will look really different from the current one, so the elements such as bumper, front grille that the designer used on the illustration is completely wrong.

    I guess that Autoexpress just made a joke with this news.

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  6. I think this slk gullwing has a great design! but if they feel it would affect the sales of the sls then they should just change the doors! i know i love it! and in my opinion they just cant beat the design…. its fantastic!

  7. The SLK Gullwing sure changed alot from the original SLK. It looks too futuristic. It may win the R8 in terms of speed but not in term of outer appearance. I still prefer the R8 in outer appearance, but if the price is pretty much like the SLK 55 AMG, then i might consider getting this one instead.

  8. Also the interior is not as good as the old SLK, seen from the picture shown. Though being a 4-seater is quite…well not a loss. The SLK 55 AMG being a 2-seater is quite a loss a person who doesnt wish to use it for sporting purposes. With the new SLK Gullwing being a 4-seater will make the car itself both good for sport purposes AND carrying passengers.


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