Mercedes-Benz to bring A and B-Class successors to U.S. in 2012

Muamer Hodzic November 26, 2008

New-Gen Mercedes-Benz B-Class
Over past few years, we’ve heard at least a half dozen stories and reports on the possibility of bring the A and B-Class to the States. We’ve even seen spy shots of the B-Class in the desert, but nothing really happened. Mercedes execs are at it again. Stephen Cannon, Vice President of Marketing at Mercedes Benz USA, stated that they are currently deciding if they should offer the successors to the A and B-Class in the US, as they are seeing and feeling a trend towards smaller cars. A final decision has not yet been made, but it is said that if one is made shortly, models could start rolling in as early as 2012.

Their goal is not only to start selling smaller vehicles in the US, but also to offer small engine sizes, mainly 4-cylinders. They also want to start offering Diesel engines for almost all classes.

via: Auto-Motor-und-Sport

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  3. I wish there was more talk about this topic on the redesigned A-class and B-class variants coming to the States because otherwise Mercedes-Benz will not consider it. I think we need these cars here and they would be successful. Realistically if they’re priced under at least $32,000 they will sell. I am very much looking forward to seeing these cars here. If they make it I’ll be first in line to buy two different models. This especially holds true if the models that have been mentioned make it to production. Come on, lets petition and poll or whatever for we demand to see these new models in the U.S.!!!!

  4. I have emailed Mercedes on multiple occasions in regards to bringing the A-Class to the United States and they have told me (and my friends and family) every time that they have no, and never will have, any intentions of bringing the A & B Classes to the United States, I’m just curious where this information is coming from (I’m not saying, by any means, that this information is incorrect), I would love to read more on it. Was there a press release or something like that?
    (and I completely agree on the topic of petitioning for it, I would sign one if you have started one or know of one)

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