“Meet the Beckers”: Audi’s new strategy to insult everyone

Muamer Hodzic October 9, 2008

Audi is no stranger to poking fun or insulting certain car makers, most notible was Audis take on the Lexus self park gimmick option as seen here. Their new advertising campaign plays as a TV series, where members of the Becker family are driving to a family reunion with their luxury vehicles. Instead of showing the strenghts of the Audi or the weaknesses of the competition (BMW, Mercedes, Lexus), they chose to point out the stereotypes associated with the other players in the luxury market. The ad is actually funny and in some respects even true. Let’s see if their strategy to emphesise the stereotypes of the drivers instead of pointing out why the Audi is better will pay off. If their goal is to get a BMW douche driver to buy a Audi by insulting them, then I am not sure how effective that will be, nevertheless, I would love to see a couple more episodes.

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  2. Great ad, so true about BMW drivers. Mercedes has lost their old-man stereotype though since late 1990’s imo. And not sure what they trying to say about Lexus drivers.

  3. I agree with you on the BMW driver, they totally nailed it. I also think that the Mercedes stereotype is not true anymore, at least with the people I know and see on the street. heheh the Lexus stereotype is somewhat confusing, not sure what they are trying to say – but the part with the twins is just creepy.

  4. The Mercedes driver stereotype is rare, but the BMW driver is completely nailed. I love these Audi ads, especially this one.

  5. You know, I’m a diehard BMW owner, but that ad is awesome. Even BMW people know that 3 series drivers are douches… I had a 3 for a while and the stereotype didn’t bother me one bit. The ad is creative and amusing. Nice job Audi!

  6. I have a suspicion that Audi hired the same ad firm as Microsoft did with the Seinfield commercials.. Those are much better though.. the BMW stereotype was so funny

  7. I think Audi are trying to say that Lexus owners are ‘preppy’ or ‘nerdy’ types, who have freaks for kids. Not sure why they are bothering though, a Lexus fan would not be interested in an Audi. Lexus is like driving a motorized sofa, whereas Audi traditionally has a very harsh ride.

    Audi should concentrate on their own products, instead of criticizing the competition. Their sales are still way behind Benz and BMW. There is a reason for that – their products are inferior.

  8. Actually i don’t think they’re saying Lexus is ‘preppy’ at all. I believe that Lexus is the furthest thing from preppy. I do however believe they are trying to say that Lexus drivers are nerdy, strange and slightly second class, hence the idea of collecting a pizza, the infected hang nail, their second rate, odd, sense of fashion and their inability to participate in sporting competitions. Lexus drivers should give up, a Lexus is a Toyota with a different badge on it, driven by try-hards all over the world. Nice work on the ad Audi.

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