What do you think about the new E-Class?

Muamer Hodzic August 15, 2008

The first official pictures of the new E-Class are slowly making it around the interweb, and many have mixed feelings about the design and direction that Mercedes is taking with the new model. We would like to know how you feel about the design of the new 2010 E-Class. Let us know by voting in the poll below.


Just so you can compare, here is an Autobild computer illustration of what the E-Class should have looked like. We can clearly see the similarities to the leaked pictures, even tough, the artist created this over 2 years ago.

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  1. The new E looks nice. In my opinion, MB waited way too long to modernize the E-class. One of the things I look for in a luxury car is cutting edge technology. The technology – nav, TPMS etc in the 2009 E class looks quaint to me. The car also needs a back up camera. To my mind this is a safety device that should be in every luxury car.

  2. AutoBild does this job superb! Their illustrations are always fit to the actual design. (S-Klasse, C-Klasse, …) In fact, some of their illustrations are better than the actual design (for example: GLK illustration). Stay tuned for upcoming CLK and SLC. 🙂
    About E-Klasse; the only thing I didn’t like is the discrete look of the line separating the hood and the major headlight. Just a small detail. Screw it! This car rules!

  3. I don’t like it to be really honest. If I saw one in real life, it may grow on me. It seems to not have the smooth lines of a traditional Mercedes-Benz. The back seems to look too ugly and the look of the C-class and S-Class taillights seem to look like Lincoln’s taillights. I love the technology in this car, but they need to work on the looks.

  4. Hi Muamer. What do you think by the way?
    The interior looked awful, but the interior photos didn’t look real to me. The taillights are terrible, more Hyundai than Benz. These photos cannot be right.

    I think the real E-Class will look better, both the interior and exterior, when it is finally revealed.

  5. Hey Chris,

    I really like the front, a lot more aggressive, and appropriate for the E-Class, somewhat of an evolutionary step for MB. The taillights do look like the Sonata’s lights, even our insider confirmed that. That could definitely be redesigned (maybe MB reads our blog and will listen to us hehe)

    The interior is probably fake, it looks like it’s made out of Styrofoam and plastic, maybe this was just a prototype or working model. I doubt that the interior will look like anything on that pic. I think the interior will turn out fine, I am not too worried about that, but just like you, I am worried about the taillights.

  6. Well guys, you have to see it to really love the styling and quality of this vehicle. I’ve already seen this vehicle in Arizona at a private showing with all the dealers in the US and it’s just beautiful. Also they showed us the E-Class Coupe and Soft top! The release date is currently booked for end of July 2009.


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