Autobild Publishes First Official Pictures of the 2010 E-Class

Muamer Hodzic August 14, 2008

After years of rumors and numerous spy photos and videos, the next-gen E-Class has finally been revealed. German’s top Car Magazine, Autobild, has published first pictures of the new E-Class without camouflage. In the their newest issue, the above image is plastered on the front page with the following headline “Exclusive Photos – First time without camouflage”, which bringing us to the conclusion that these pictures are the real deal. It also states that it should be coming out in March of 2009, which means that the Frankfurt Auto Show might not even be the first time we see it. All details are not yet revealed, but looking at the pictures, I have to say that this is definitely a step into the right direction.

Thanks for the tip Teo

Update: Not sure why people are doubting the authenticity of these images. Autobild clearly states that these are the first and exclusive pictures of the E-Class without camo. Our Insider confirms it as well – it’s the real deal.

More images from visitor – Pjotr

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  1. says:
    “Before you get too excited, however, I do have to note that despite their quality, the photos aren’t actually photos… they’re instead high quality renderings showing an approximation of what the 2010 Mercedes E-Class will look like. Nevertheless, when compared to prior spy shots, the renderings do a commendable job at replicating the visible lines of the model, meaning the final product shouldn’t be too far off from what’s pictured before you.”
    I’m a little disappointed now 🙁 I don’t wanna see randerings no more…

  2. Nice job AutoBild …

    I bet the real photos will be almost identical to these pictures, and now I’m not worried at all about the new design of the E Class


  3. I am not sure where you guys are getting the idea that these are computer illustrations, as I clearly state in the article that these are the first and exclusive pictures of the next-gen E-Class.

    @H.E.K I wouldn’t believe someone who uses Google translator to understand what AutoBild has written, trust me, these images are real, this is the next-gen E-Class – like it or not.

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  5. What let me feel disappointed was what said, not the design. There is nothing on earth that Mercedes-Benz did and I didn’t like. 🙂 Well, it is obvious that they are not illustrations, but you know, rumours. When it is all about Mercedes-Benz I cannot get myself doubting.
    I think Insider is “The Insider”!!! If I didn’t get it wrong, “Our Insider confirms it as well – it’s the real deal.” which made me calm and feel fine.
    Thank you guys again…

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  10. there is another thing guys,
    I believe that the interior shown is a diesel version , check out the RPM and you’ll know that


  11. I do not think these are final pictures. The outside looks legitimate but look at the interior – the steering wheel looks photo shopped and is beige with black buttons. Weird. Additionally, the shifter is cream colored with a black boot, lastly, that strip of aluminum looks out of place. The W212 E-class will look much better when it is released, and the best in person.

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  15. Holy cow, this is an ugly car. The rear looks best (being half Lexus, half BMW 3 coupé). The interior hurts my eyes; looks almost exactly like the W124 I had fifteen years ago. I hope it’ll look better when it comes out.

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  17. Since I, along with three other consumer drivers, test drove the prototype yesterday, and while it was still masked, the interior was not. It is not close to what is pictured.
    So having said that, I would have to doubt the authenticity of any of the pictures.

  18. Just a tad underwhelmed with the design of this car. The W211 is certainly long in the tooth so I would have thought there would have been a much different direction in the design. Its in keeping with the traditional e-class look i suppose, but i feel that with this vehicle fitting in the line-up, there isn’t a huge differentiation between that and the C204 (which i proudly own) and also even with the W221.

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