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Muamer Hodzic May 19, 2008

What’s the first thing people think of when they see a Mercedes? Well we could do a survey and ask you guys, but why do that if we can visit and see what random folks think of when they see the Three-Pointed Star. While some of you may not care what people think, I still think it is interesting to see how a Mercedes driver is perceived by other people.

Check out the Mercedes tags at BrandTags (the site has been pretty slow, hope it doesn’t go down)

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  1. As an owner, I can say that perception of this brand is something different. People automatically assume you have money to burn. I bought mine because I loved the look of it, it drove fantastic and I felt that it had really decent price. I do not have money to burn.

    Peoples reaction to Mercedes is odd. Yes, they cost more than your average Ford / Chevy sedan. However, go price a loaded Ford F-250. If you can afford that, you are already in Mercedes price range.

    I get comments about the Mercedes all the time. If I rolled up to work in an F-250, no one would think or say a word about my “STATUS”.

    Prior to owning a Mercedes, I suppose my perceptions were similar. Everyone knows Mercedes, few own them. They are elite even when they are affordable.

    A Mercedes says quality, it says class, it says elite. If only people knew that it’s just a nice car with a three pointed star. It’s just a car with a lot of mystique.

    I am happy with my purchase because it’s a nice car to drive. The mystique is kinda nice too!


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