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Matt April 29, 2008

As more and more images of the new 2010 E Class surfaced, here are a couple of shots indicating as to how the exterior will look like. The interior shots (from AutoExpress) closely depicts our earlier insider’s scoop of the design, functions and materiality of the upcoming product. It wouldn’t be long before more camo comes loose to reveal more of the car’s bodywork and light designs.

From these shots, we can see clearly the bumper treatment and faint outline of the front and tail-light shapes. Under the plastics, the headlights look as a cross between the CLS & SL.

Photos and key highlights after the jump!

Some highlights include:
– Steering Wheel mounted gear-shifter lever (S, R, GL, M class)
– Steering Wheel paddle shifter
– COMMAND module + knob ( S, GLK, C)
– Telephone pad/ wrist rest (S Class)
– Multimedia HDD + card reader with Navi – preloaded?

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  1. The uncamo’d pic from the back looks like a Volvo, Volvo of course being the ugliest car in the history of all things ever to be called ugly. So if that’s what it’s gonna look like, I will be very anti-E. From the camo’s though, it doesn’t look like that to me.

  2. I am really liking the design. Looks very similar to the S and C-Class. I guess if the C-Class is the baby S-class, then this is the younger sibling of the S. Very similar interior to the S.

    Can’t wait to see the engine specs for the E.

  3. I don’t think the uncamo’d rendering’s rear is the production version. Especially when you look at the tail light/ trunk lid corner, it’s more rounded in the camo’d ones.

    I like however the front, it doesn’t look like “Lexus GS” as many had claimed when Mercedes decided to use angular headlights.

    I have a feeling that the front headlight would be one piece but subdivided with a body coloured strip (S class’ taillight) to look like 2 pieces a la the F700.

  4. its just another stupid NON accurate rendering! the rear has NOTHING to do with what it will look like! Just a C-Class chop from a guy who doesnt know what he s doin

  5. The rendering of the front is not stupid, it is quite accurate I’m afraid.

    The rendering of the rear is really stupid though.

    The rear will not look like Volvo, but Hyundai Sonata. 🙁

  6. Wow the rear of a Hyundai Sonata..that is quite a huge departure from the current designs- where tail light housings are on the two sides and not on the trunk lid. I guess the only exception and hint is the new CLC…

    But a Hyundai Sonata!!!! even that looks like the previous Honda Accord…

    So Insider..should we be excepting the renderings of AutoBild from quite sometime ago?

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