Mercedes/BMW collaboration on the cards

Shrawan January 13, 2008


Bayerische Motoren Werke AG is in talks to cooperate with rival Daimler AG’s Mercedes unit to develop and assemble engines, axles, steering gear or drive systems. Both the manufacturers are trying to cut costs and make small cars for a host of reasons like CO2 emissions, fuel efficiency and increase in volumes. BMW has set an internal cost-savings target of 8 billion euros while Mercedes adopted the CORE cost cutting strategy. Merging of the two German automotive magnates would lead to a lot of interesting news which will closely be tracked by us in the following months.


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  1. its a new news for me as havn’t seen in any but if it written by Shrawan i am assure that it is going to be happen… but there is some if and but’s in my mind … first of all why BMW have taken this deal with Benz where they can easily do it from outside where the labour cost and many things are cheeper.. another thing how it is possible to tie up with their rivals as they both known as… please update on it…

  2. Yeah, Debargha makes a good point. Why team up with BMW when a factory in Asia presents so much more extensive cost cutting potential. What are we missing?

  3. Hey Insider.

    Try this one. benzinsider [at]

    Haven’t heard from you in a while. Has Dieter been keeping you busy 🙂


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