The real SLR 722 by RENNtech

Muamer Hodzic April 16, 2007

As we all know now, the SLR 722 will come out this summer with a 650hp strong engine, but has Mercedes really pushed the envelope with this car. The guys from RENNtech don’t believe so and have released a car that should have been made by DCX in the first place.

“For most people, six-fifty is probably enough” says RENNtech’s Hartmut Feyhl “but you see that ‘722’ on the car and you start to want seven-hundred and twenty-two horsepower.”

Such comments might be easily dismissed – but not when they come from Feyhl. No stranger to high-performance, Feyhl followed up his 12 year run at AMG by forming RENNtech – a tuning house generally regarded as the nation’s foremost authority on Mercedes-Benz performance.

The RENNtech crew began with a comprehensive review of the SLR’s stock components, when attention quickly focused on the car’s intercooler. “The stock intercooler wasn’t doing the job,” Feyhl explains, “it needed an upgrade”.

That “upgrade” took the form of a virtual redesign of the SLR’s intercoolers. The stock intercooler pump was replaced with a RENNtech-specific pump with almost double the capacity of outgoing unit. A dedicated radiator was installed, and the new pieces were integrated into the engine bay almost invisibly. As Feyhl points out, “It looks like it’s supposed to be there.”

The new intercooler dropped intake temperatures an average of 10 degrees Celsius across the operating range, and the time it took to get the engine’s temperatures back to “normal” after a dyno run was greatly reduced. “We used to have to wait almost 2 minutes between dyno runs to the get the temperatures back down, even with big fans blowing,” says Feyhl. “Now it takes about 20 seconds.”

The improved cooling meant that RENNtech could shift their attention to the supercharger and pulley – a RENNtech pulley kit, enhanced by RENNtech’s own SLR specific software tuning, increased boost to the SLR’s 5.5 liter V8 and produced an astonishing (albeit coincidental) result: 722hp – which might mean a lot more to McLaren customers than 7:22am.


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  1. Mercedes makes this Supercar but why does it always take Feyhl and the folks at RENNTech to maximize the potential ? The changes to this SLR, like RENNTech’s other Mercedes tuning, are subtle and reliable but most importantly are backed by serious engineering. Congrats to RENNTech on another outstanding tuning job. To stock SLR owners don’t be scared of a little extra tuning!

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