Mercedes Benz CL65 AMG Promo Video

Muamer Hodzic April 26, 2007

Here is an absolutely beautiful video of the CL 65 AMG in all its glory. While the regular, if there is a regular CL, looks amazing, the AMG version is even better, as you can see on the video.

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  1. I currently own a BMW 6 series and i am considaring changing it to a Mercedes-Benz CL-class.
    I want it to be fast and to look awsome.
    So i will propably by the CL63 AMG.
    I dont see a need for the 65 version as it looks pretty much the same and is only .5 faster for alot more mony.
    I Also own a BMW 760Li which i am changing to anS65 AMG.
    The reason i am bying the 65 and not the 63 is because the 65 comes in a long wheel base version and the 63 doesnt.

    So my point is why by the CL65 AMG?
    is it because its faster than the 63? Or has slighly more body kit?
    ANSWER: Because you are a show off with far to much mony than sence.
    I know than sounds a bit dumb coming from someone who is bying somewhat the same but i by it because i enjoy AMG’s. I do it for me and know one else.

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