Mercedes-Benz launches integrated marketing campaign for C-Class

Muamer Hodzic March 19, 2007

The battle for the consumer minds and harts has begun sometime ago when BMW introduced its 3-Series and Audi the redesigned A4; it may be that the C-class is joining the battle a little late, but the car itself and its quality should make up for that fact.
Mercedes-Benz is starting a comprehensive integrated marketing campaign for the new C-Class, which will be introduced to the market on March 31, 2007. Using the slogan “C-for Yourself,” the brand with the star is conducting a variety of communication activities via several channels to support the sales launch of its highest-volume model series. The primary goal of the campaign is to convince customers around the world of the advantages of the versatile product concept behind the new C-Class sedan, including two distinct front-end designs and outstanding comfort, agility and safety.

View the campaigns after the break.

Multimedia 360-degree soft configurator, interactive films and video podcast on the Internet

A particularly extensive and entertaining element of the international campaign is the online presentation at On the site, which Mercedes-Benz also advertises by banners on the Internet, customers and anyone else interested in the C-Class can view the vehicle as displayed against realistic backdrops and then configure it and study the results from various perspectives.

Focus on direct communication: Customers experience safety, comfort and agility of the new C-Class at numerous driving events

Mercedes-Benz continues to address existing and potential customers in the spirit of its core brand value of “Appreciation.” Direct communication is therefore a key element of a package of measures geared toward very personalized interaction with customers.

Exclusive Driving Experience

customer events like the “Exclusive Driving Experience” in Barcelona and various partnership agreements with European hotel chains in popular vacation regions will offer customers and potential buyers the opportunity to individually test-drive the new C-Class in a relaxed atmosphere.

C-Class Mobile Special

For the first time ever, Mercedes-Benz offers an innovative Mobile Special to attract the attention of customers and potential buyers while they are on the move. Special mobile client software can be called up either by text messaging (SMS) a number assigned to each country (for example in Germany, via an SMS marked “cklasse” to 88044) or directly from the Mercedes-Benz website in the participating markets. Those who access the software receive images of the new C-Class’ interior and exterior, and are also provided with technical data. They can then utilize the soft configurator to put together their dream car on the basis of various model versions, colors and wheel rims.

Virtual C-Class also available in the online world of Second Life

Since the C-Class does not only generate excitement in real life, the new Avantgarde model with the AMG package has started to become available on March 16, 2007, in Mercedes-Benz’ virtual representation at Second Life ( — coordinates 128.128.11).

In a 30-/40-second television commercial, Fernando Alonso, who drives for the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes Formula 1 team, enthusiastically describes the outstanding handling qualities of the new C-Class.

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  2. Thanks for deleting that idiot’s entry. He’s a pain. Anyway I’m glad Mercedes is launching this car so thoroughly. In my personal opinion, I think that Mercedes’ weak point in years past is their ability to effectively market their products. It’s that weakness that allowed Volvo to establish themselves as the safety leader when every one who knows anything about Mercedes knows that as a matter of verifyable fact, they are and have always been the safety leaders. Volvo only started investing in safety cause their cars were at first notoriously UNSAFE.

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