Is the mystery car a CLK?

Muamer Hodzic March 23, 2007

I am trying to get to the bottom of this mystery car that appeared on the AMG owner’s website today. There is a lot of speculation going around and everybody seems to know what it is, yet no one really knows. The newest rumor is that it is the CLK Black Series, but others are saying that it could be a C-class coupe. In this post I will try to shed some light on what it could be, so let us begin.

I took the side of of the covered mystery model and loaded it in photoshop, then I went around the internet to find a side view of a current CLK AMG model, which I found on AMGs website. I also wanted to use the DTM as the “black series” might look close to that. Here is the end-result. The red outline is from the CLK AMG, and the blue is from the CLK DTM. (click image to enlarge)

As you can see I aligned the hood almost perfectly, along with the front grills for both outlines. The front of the DTM has different body kit than the CLK AMG, which results with the outlines not matching.

Unfortunately , the outlines on the roof doesn’t match with the covered car, but both the red and blue do.

At the back of the cars it is the same thing as with the roof picture. The rear of both cars (DTM and AMG) aren’t the same either, but that is due to the DTMs rear spoiler and different body kit.

I have outlined where the door handle and side mirror are located on the CLK AMG, comparing that to the covered car. As we can see they are very close, but again, this doesn’t really prove anything, as we are not sure if the a possible C-class coupe may have similar dimensions to the CLK.

What can we conclude from this little comparison, well we definitely can’t rule out that it is the CLK Black Series, as the proportions match. What we probably can rule out is a C-class coupe, as it is early for that. It also will not be a C-class AMG, as all the hints are that it is a coupe, with shape of the roof and the door handles. Some have said that it is the new CLS with is facelift, but that is unlikely too, as the back of the car is not very bulky, compared to the current CLS.

What is it? I say it is the CLK Black Series.

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  1. Great analysis! I hope it is a new version of the DTM. Even more I hope that we get it here in the US!!!!

    Great work!


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