Smart fortwo cdi very fuel efficient

Muamer Hodzic February 28, 2007

The new smart fortwo cdi is even more environmentally friendly than expected. The vehicle certification process that has now been completed also established fuel consumption under standard conditions of just 3.3 liters per 100 kilometers. The temporary figure previously given was 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers.

Even more so than before the new smart fortwo cdi has the lowest CO2 emissions of any car on the market today. At present there is no more economical and climate-friendly car than the smart fortwo cdi.

So, ladies and gentlemen, what does this mean for you. Well if you are environmentally conscious, then this car (the cdi version) is definitely for you.


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  1. i think that type of smart car, are the most beutiful cars i ever see because yesterday March 10 2007, i saw four of then on Yuma Arizona on sell and they look beutiful, they look perfect for some one how is single and they look great have fan, the person how made it is someone super smart. Those beutiful cars there are small that you can put it inside your living room, i think those cars are super very economic and it’s perfect to ride it because everything is getting spensive, and when those cars come to the United States i will save my money to buy one of those beutiful cars just only for me.

    i’m my your number one fan of your cars.

  2. Rafael A. Lainez April 3, 2007 at 3:55 pm

    Is there an opportunity for me to become secrete driver for the ‘Smart fortwo’ auto? I live on the central coast of California, Los Osos, Ca. My home is ten miles west of San Luis Obispo. Los Osos is located between Monterey and Ventura California. In my opinion, the area in which I reside would be perfect for the Smart auto. A great majority of residents are senior citizens who are cautious with ther funds. The pricing of this vehicle and the milieage would be of great interest to them. I and my wife are 65 years of age. We travel extensively along the central coast and venture into Fresno California which is located in the central valley of California.
    I would be pleased to drive the Smart car, with the Smart name on the auto, be paid a small monthly fee and possibly the cost of insurance may be paid by your firm.
    I would pay for fuel and maintenance. If this proposal fill’s a need for your corporation, please contact me.
    Kind regards,
    Rafael A. Lainez

  3. This looks great on my monitor – but how about my driveway? When will they be on sale in the states? And will they have an all-wheel-drive version? I live in places where snow happens. Will this car be a viable option?

    These questions remain to be seen in reality. Concepts are conceptually amazing. It’s the status quo and reality that actually matter.

  4. To all you American business owners. This car is the best marketing tool you can have. Its friendly, cheap and you’ll and your company will be noticed.
    What ever you sell or trade, an advert on the side of your smart car will bring in the bucks.

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  7. Having first read about the Smart Cdi as early as January 2000 in Diesel Car Magazine it was an ambition to own a 3L car one day.

    Years ago i had wanted a Volkswagen Lupo 1.2TDi 3L but they never arrived in Britain but atleast ive seen three German registered models over here on holidays over the years.

    For the past year i have been driving my employers Smart Passion petrol and have become a Smart convert in every way.

    April 2009 at the Manchester Smart dealership saw my first ever test drive in THE CDI and from then on i wanted one ever so badly.

    Currently i drive a very fuel efficient Citroen C1 1.4 diesel which has returned close on 100mpg.

    I brimmed the 35 litre tank and saw 751 miles on the clock before i needed to refill.

    I expect the Smart to be just as fuel efficient and i know i can top the ton when it comes to fuel economy.Others have managed it in this car so it is possible with effort.

    At the time of writing this article i have on order a brand new Black & Silver Passion CDi and can think of little else until i take delivery of it.

    Everyone claims it is the cleanest combustion engine ever with 86 CO2 but that title i’m affraid still goes to the late Vw Lupo 1.2TDi 3L which had a CO2 rating as low as 81.

    I still think the Smart will be a very rewarding car to own with the price of fuel most definately on the wrong side of £5 a gallon for the forseeable future.


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