Autobild: The new 2009 Mercedes E-class

Muamer Hodzic February 23, 2007

Head over to Autobild, where they have a whole section dedicated to the E-class. While it won’t come out in a couple of years, they have already created a photoshopped design that looks amazing. Will the final one look similar to the one pictures above? I can say with certainty that they have gotten the new C-class right, years before it came out. It could be possible that they somehow know what the new E-class should look like.
We definitely know that it is time for a new E-class, not just because the S-class and C-class have been released, but because sales have slowed down for the E-class in recent years. They need a new model that will bring a fresh image to the E-class. I find the current model just amazing, but I am not the target audience here, regular folks are, and they have spoken.

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  2. This is definitely the time for a new E-class. The design looks amazing.
    Now i have a New wish for 2009 ……………. I need more info about this amazing revolution …… : )

  3. Looks great! … And it’s about time the E-Class got a makeover! I wish MB would stop doing makeovers every 7-9 years! Every 5 years should be the norm. If I buy the new E-Class, I already know the first CD I’m going to play in her: “Machine Head” by Deep Purple!

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