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Monday, July 31, 2006

Top Gear reviews the new S-class

A very nice review by Jeremy Clarkson about the new S-class. This is truly an amazing car, and he will tell you why. I love the intro; it just shows what an S-class has been and is still today. Enjoy watching the clip and Jeremy with his ridiculously funny jokes.

Thanks jimgardner1973 for uploading.
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Mercedes E 500 vs. BMW 550i vs. Lexus GS 450h
This test review that was conducted by the German car magazine- Auto Zeitung. The original article has much more information about the review, but I will only summarize the conclusion. If you do speak German, then head over to their website and read the whole story.
The new Mercedes E-class may have got the looks, but does it have what it takes to take on its fiercest competitor from Bavaria, and the Japanese luxury sedan. The E-class impressed the testers with its comfort, especially on long trips, but the BMW 550i and Lexus GS 450h were not far behind. The new and improved Hybrid technology works in the GS 450h better than in any other hybrid model, and of course the fuel efficiency has been improved too, but what the Lexus lacks over the Germans is that the Trunk volume; It has been decreases due to the Hybrid engine. The Lexus also failed to achieve what Mercedes and BMW did in the breaking category. The E-class, with its stronger engine, takes the Mercedes to the front until 100 km/h, but the 550i takes the lead when they hit the 200km/h mark. Both the E-class and 550i Automatic transmission work fast and without jerking, but when changing the gears down to overtake, the Mercedes transmission did act a bit hectic. The engineers at DaimlerChrysler have done great work to improving the E-class driving dynamics. The steering has also been improved over its predecessor and results in precision driving around curves. According to Auto Zeitung and their unavailable raw data, the E-class won the comparison test over the BMW 550i and Lexus GS 450h.

Mercedes E 500 387 HP/285 kW, RWD, 0-100 km/h in 5.4 sec 250 km/h top speed
BMW 550i 367 HP/270 kW, RWD, 0-100 km/h in 5.6 sec, 250 km/h top speed
Lexus GS 450h 340 HP/250 kW, RWD, 0-100 km/h in 6.3 sec, 250 km/h top speed.
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G 55 AMG Kompressor now with 500 hp
The G 55 AMG just got a boost from the AMG factory, taking it from 350 kW/476 hp to 368 kW/500 hp. The horsepower increase produces an acceleration from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds (preceding model: 5.6 s); the maximum speed remains 210 km/h (electronically limited). Here is the official press release and some photos.

Affalterbach, Jul 31, 2006 What is perhaps the strongest character in the Mercedes-AMG model range has been given a shot in the arm. Increased to 368 kW/500 hp, the output of the G 55 AMG now exceeds that of the predecessor model by 18 kW/24 hp. At the same time this classic cross-country vehicle has been treated to enhanced standard equipment which includes new AMG light-alloy wheels, bi-xenon headlamps, foglamps with a cornering light function and new paint finishes with greater scratch resistance, based on nano-technology. The increase in output from 350 kW/476 hp to 368 kW/500 hp is due to an enhanced and retuned engine control unit. The supercharged 5.5-litre AMG engine generates its maximum torque of 700 newton metres between 2750 and 4000 rpm. These exceptional figures are a guarantee of effortless performance: the G 55 AMG accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in just 5.5 seconds (preceding model: 5.6 s), the maximum speed remains 210 km/h (electronically limited). The AMG sports exhaust system with its two oval twin tailpipes emerging at an angle in front of the rear wheels, as well as the characteristic AMG V8 sound, provide an ample visual and acoustic indication of the engine power to be expected of the G 55 AMG Kompressor. Both on and off-road, the G 55 AMG gives its occupants a feeling of serenity, exclusivity and dynamic potential. As always, the classic among Mercedes-Benz off-roaders provides a convincing synthesis of highly efficient drive and dynamic handling control systems. In addition to permanent all-wheel drive with a low-range gearbox, the standard appointments include the electronic traction system for all-wheel drive 4ETS, the Electronic Stability Program ESP® and differential locks which can be engaged at the touch of a button. Magna Steyr in Graz, Austria, has been producing the G-Class on behalf of Mercedes-Benz since 1979, with more than 186,000 examples built to date. And there is no end to this success story in sight. Enhanced standard appointments with AMG light-alloy wheels in titanium grey Visually, the new model year G 55 AMG is distinguishable from its predecessor by 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels painted in titanium grey with 285/55 R 18 wide-base tyres. The extensive standard appointments have been further enhanced, now including bi-xenon headlamps, oval foglamps with a cornering light function and ISOFIX child seat attachments in the second seat row. The more scratch resistant, nano-technology based paint finishes of calcite white, periclase green metallic and teallite blue metallic are also new. The top-of-the-line model in the G-Class is available only as a five-door Station Wagon with a long wheelbase, and may be ordered in Mercedes-Benz sales outlets with immediate effect. The selling price is 113,332 EUR (incl. 16% VAT), and customer deliveries will commence in September 2006. In addition to the classic G 55 AMG Kompressor, the Mercedes-AMG model lineup features two other powerful and versatile all-rounders: the new ML 63 AMG and R 63 AMG, both equipped with the 378 kW/510 hp, naturally aspirated 6.3-litre AMG V8-engine.
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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Porsche GT vs. Mercedes Benz SLR

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Schumi wins again
Ahhh, what a bummer, great race by Raikkonen, but he couldn't beat Michael. Here are the results if you haven't seen them yet.

1. Michael Schumacher (Ger) Ferrari one hour 27 minutes 51.693 seconds
2. Felipe Massa (Brz) Ferrari +0.720 seconds
3. Kimi Raikkonen (Fin) McLaren-Mercedes +13.206
4. Jenson Button (GB) Honda +18.898
5. Fernando Alonso (Spa) Renault +23.707
6. Giancarlo Fisichella (Ita) Renault +24.814
7. Jarno Trulli (Ita) Toyota +26.544
8. Christian Klien (Aut) Red Bull-Ferrari +48.131
9. Ralf Schumacher (Ger) Toyota +60.351
10. Vitantonio Liuzzi (Ita) Toro Rosso-Cosworth 1 lap behind
11. David Coulthard (GB) Red Bull-Ferrari 1 lap
12. Scott Speed (US) Toro Rosso-Cosworth 1 lap
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Pole Position for McLaren at Hockenheim
Kimi Raikkonen repeated his 2005 qualifying position for McLaren at Hockenheim on Saturday afternoon, pushing his MP4-21 round in 1m 14.070s when it mattered to beat Michael Schumacher. But with Felipe Massa third, lapping in 1m 14.569s compared to his team leader’s 1m 14.205s, Ferrari look very threatening despite too much oversteer in the final session, and everything will depend on fuel loads on Sunday. Let's hope Raikkonen can keep Michael away from him because once Schumi gets in his zone, he's unstoppable. It will be a good race, can't wait.
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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Beautiful Mercedes Ad

Here is some music for the weekend. A beautiful song by Marlene Deitrich performed by people throughout the century. It is really amazing how they did it.
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DaimlerChrysler upgraded from sell to hold
City group upgraded the DaimlerChrysler company from sell to hold, citing the strong performance of the Mercedes unit. The broker noted, however, that the company is still "deluding" itself on Chrysler as the market mix may run away from the unit faster than it can shift toward fuel-efficient vehicles.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Mercedes SLK55 AMG Black Series Video

A couple of days ago I wrote about the new AMG Performance Studio that has been opened and the SLK55 AMG Black Series that was produced there. Now I would like to present to you a video showing the Black Series SLK55 AMG in action. The testing was performed by Autobild and was uploaded by ‘cawimmer430’ to YouTube. I would like you to mute your TV, shut all the windows, tell everyone to be quiet and start the video by turning up the volume. Next step is to sit back and enjoy the beautiful roar that the powerful AMG engine produces.

Thanks cawimmer430 for uploading.
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Pimp my Benz: Mercedes CLS with iMac
The nice folks over at 'Leftlanenews' have a nice short article about the Mercedes CLS. German car customizer Mattes Interieurtechnik has created a customized Mercedes CLS with a nicely integrated iMac personal computer in the rear seats. The machine itself got wrapped with leather and integrated with a wireless mouse and keyboard. The interior of the CLS was revised with new upholstry and trimmings. Here are some pictures of the interior.
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Thursday, July 27, 2006

Next generation CLK?
My good friends over at Autobild have created a computer illustration of what could be the next generation CLK. According to them, the CLK will get larger and more powerfull; It will even get the 4Matic system. The Coupé will also be a convertible in 2008.
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DaimlerChrysler: Q2 Operating Profit Increases
DaimlerChrysler has officialy release its Q2 numbers for the 2006 year. Their operating profit increased to €1.9 billion ($2.37) from €737 million in Q2 2005. A lot of the increase had to do with the mark-to-market valuation of derivatives to hedge the price risks of shares of the European Aeronautic Defence and Space Company (EADS) which had a positive impact on net income of approximately €800 million (after taxes).
DaimlerChrysler sold 1.3 million vehicles in the second quarter, which was 3% lower than in Q2 2005, but the Group’s total revenues of €38.6 billion was on par with the second quarter of 2005.
he Mercedes Car Group reported an operating profit of €807 million, a substantial improvement compared with the second quarter of last year (€12 million). The increase was caused by the division’s higher unit sales (+17,400 vehicles) and an improved model mix.
The Chrysler Group posted an operating profit of €51 million in the second quarter of 2006, compared with an operating profit of €544 million in the second quarter of 2005. The decrease in operating profit was primarily the result of a decrease in worldwide factory unit sales, a higher mix of fleet vehicles and negative net pricing.

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Ernst Lieb new Mercedes-Benz CEO
Ernst Lieb, 51, will replace Paul Halata (pictured above) as the new CEO of Mercedes-Benz USA. Sources say that Halata will leave his current post, which he got in 1999, to retire. Here is more from Automotive News:
The German-born Lieb began his career with Mercedes-Benz in Canada in 1985 and became CEO of Mercedes-Benz Canada in 1995, succeeding Halata. He ran Mercedes-Benz Canada until 2003 and is credited with building sales momentum. In 2003, he took over as CEO of DaimlerChrysler Australia/Pacific in Mulgrave, Victoria, Australia. He not only ran Mercedes-Benz sales and distribution in the region but also sales of the Chrysler, Jeep and Dodge brands and DaimlerChrysler's trucks. Like Halata, Lieb will be responsible for the sales, marketing and service of Mercedes-Benz and Maybach vehicles in the United States, and also parts and accessories. Halata, 55, renewed his contract with Mercedes-Benz a year ago and was to have stayed through 2009. The Czech-born executive began his career with Mercedes-Benz Canada in 1972. In 1989, he was promoted to the top Canadian job, which he held until 1995. In 1995, Halata was named senior vice president of sales and marketing for the commercial van division in Europe. In 1997 he was appointed president of Mercedes-Benz UK, a job he held for two years. Mercedes-Benz sales in the United States rose from 189,437 vehicles in 1999 to 224,269 vehicles in 2005. But in 2001, archrival BMW passed Mercedes in U.S. sales. BMW has remained the top-selling German brand.
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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Mercedes car sales up in Asia
DaimerChrysler has sold 10,629 Mercedes cars during the first half of this year in China. This represents a 31 percent increase compared to the same time last year. The increase, according to Mercedes, is due to the popularity of the S-class.
Mercedes sold a total of 21,972 cars in the northeast region of Asia giving them 21 percent increase compared to last year. The region included China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and South Korea.

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Pimp my Benz: Kleemann S-class
We know how good the regular S-class looks, but Kleemann's version will just blow you away. Kleemann has transformed the S-class from an understated luxury cruiser into a forceful looking sports saloon. Tons of new gadgets were added by the danish tuner, but there are too many to list. Enjoy the pictures.
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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Mercedes CL 63 AMG driving around L.A.
My good friend 001 over at Autospies got his hands on some Spy shots of the next Mercedes CL 63 driving around LA. The CL63 will come with an 8 cylinder, 6.3 litre, 510 HP, AMG engine and the signature AMG body kit. As you can see on the pictures, it has 4 exhausts, meaning it is the 63.
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Hammond reviews the G55 AMG

Richard Hammond from Top Gear reviews the G55 AMG, and has many good things to say about it.

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Top Technology Cars List
We know that most of the new cars, even the KIA’s, are packed with technology and electronics, but who has the most. This is the question that Telematics Research Group wanted to answer. They surveys 21 different car brands, and looked for 30 particular areas including telematics, phone, head unit and navigation, audio, radio, video, and driver assist. The interesting fact about this research is that they did not look how good those gadgets work, but if they are present in the car. Here is the list and see for yourself where you brand landed.


Technology Index Leaders:

1. BMW, 100 points

2. Mercedes-Benz, 96

3. Cadillac, 91

4. Lexus, 88

5. Infiniti, 86

6. Jaguar, 80

7. Acura, 77

8. Land-Rover, 73

9. Audi, 72

10. Chevrolet, 69

11. Lincoln, 53

11. Nissan, 53

13. Toyota, 52

14. Dodge, 46

15. Chrysler, 43

16. Honda, 42

16. Volkswagen, 42

16. Volvo, 42

19. Jeep, 40

20. Ford, 36

21. Hyundai, 22

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Monday, July 24, 2006

More illustrations of next C-class
After researching and digging through German websites, I found some more illustrations of the upcoming C-class. Your assignment now is to pick your favorite illustration and leave me a comment so that I can let Mercedes know which design the people like the most. The next step would be to wait a couple of years and see if Mercedes pick our favorite model.
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Mercedes C-class illustration
Remember when I showed you the C-class spy shots a week ago, you don’t, here is a link if you don’t. Well we found a computer illustration over at ‘The Car Connection’ showing what should be the next C-class AMG version. Judge for yourself, but it looks a lot like the C-class coupe that I showed you a couple of days ago.

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Saturday, July 22, 2006

Early DCX Q2 numbers
While DaimlerChrysler will reveal second quarter earnings on July 26, we have gotten us some early numbers from AFX news. DCX AG is expected to produce a flat operating profit for second quarter. The Analysts polled said that adjusted group operating profit would be in the range of 1.931-2.032 billion euro compared with 2 billion, and 38.56 to 41.3 billion from 38.42 billion in the same quarter last year. The reason for the even numbers is the profit decline at Chrysler. So, while Mercedes is doing pretty good, and we all know why, Chrysler is limping behind trying to stay even with the Germans. Lets hope the Dr. Z commercials will help the Chrysler group get back the numbers they had a couple of years ago,.
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Friday, July 21, 2006

2008 Mercedes GLK illustration
According to my friends over at Autobild, the Mercedes GLK will be a contender to the BMW X3 and the Audi Q5. They plan on releasing it with an all wheel drive system, but maybe also with a rear wheel drive. It should come out beginning of 2008 with a starting price of around 40,000 Euro.
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SLK 55 AMG Black Series
This is one of the cars that has been customized by the AMG Performance Studio that I talked about in the last story. Mercedes claims that this is the perfect mix of performance, handling and lightweight design. They support this by giving us details on the AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with 400 hp. The weight has been reduced through lightweight components and non retractable carbon fiber roof. That of course is the signature part of the regular SLK. The Black Series also got 19 inch AMG wheels and adjustable AMG sport suspension. Here are some pictures of the beautiful beast. Part of Press Release Stuttgart, Jul 21, 2006 As the only eight-cylinder roadster in its segment, the Mercedes-Benz SLK 55 AMG delivers an exceptional driving experience. Now the two-seater is becoming even sportier: Mercedes AMG has developed an exclusive, emphatically puristic special series as a coupé variant, a car that sets new standards in handling dynamics — the SLK 55 AMG Black Series. With the AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine, which has been boosted to 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm, the numerous lightweight components, the non-retractable carbon-fibre roof, 19-inch AMG forged wheels, AMG adjustable sports suspension and AMG high-performance composite brakes, the special SLK 55 AMG brings its sports car talents to bear even more convincingly — and cuts an impressive figure especially on racing circuits. Broad, brawny and low-slung — it's clear at first glance that the SLK 55 AMG Black Series is something very special. It offers a captivating view from the front with a redesigned AMG front apron and its broad openings, which supply the added transmission-oil cooler and the high-performance steering-oil cooler with plenty of fresh air. In addition, new side outlets made of carbon ensure effective ventilation for the engine-oil coolers. The front wings, now wider, are made of reinforced plastic with ultra-light carbon-fibre composite material and feature black outlined air outlets. The non-retractable hardtop of the two-seater is also made of carbon-fibre composites, and the black central section with a visible carbon-fibre structure provides appealing visual effects. The elimination of the vario roof and the entire roof hydraulics not only makes possible a significantly lower centre of gravity but also leads to a notable reduction in weight: With a kerb weight of 1495 kilograms according to EC standards, the SLK 55 AMG Black Series is 45 kilograms lighter than the basic vehicle. That improves the weight/power ratio from 4.3 to 3.7 kg/hp. AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque Engineers not only optimised the weight but also gave the Black Series an optimised AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine with a maximum output of 294 kW/400 hp and 520 Nm of torque. A modified air intake, reduced-resistance AMG sports air filters, new high-performance headers and a new valve-timing scheme ensure a more efficient charge cycle and make the eight-cylinder unit even more responsive to accelerator pedal movements — which is also evident from the inimitable and even more impressive AMG V8 sound. The combination of low vehicle weight and a powerful AMG eight-cylinder engine ensures first-class performance. This SLK 55 AMG accelerates from zero to 100 km/h in only 4.5 seconds (standard model: 4.9 s), and it takes just 15.5 seconds for the Black Series to reach 200 km/h (standard vehicle: 17.5 s). Power transmission is accomplished using the AMG SPEEDSHIFT 7G-TRONIC with manual drive program ("M") and AMG aluminium gearshift paddles on the steering wheel.
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Mercedes-AMG opens new Performance Studio
If you are into customization and love MB, then this is for you. Mercedes has opens a new Performance Studio designed to make peoples wishes come true. According to the folks at Mercedes the unique special models stand out by virtue of their outstanding handling, motorsport performance, technical and visual distinctiveness and exclusive equipment features. Now who wouldn’t want to stand out with this? All I can say is that we will see some great cars in the future that were made this Studio. Part of Press Release Affalterbach, Jul 21, 2006 Mercedes-AMG GmbH is consolidating its activities. And with the AMG Performance Studio, the company is starting a new initiative to appeal to customers with very special wishes. In addition to the AMG high performance cars, which are available through the worldwide Mercedes-Benz sales organisation, the Performance Studio develops and produces special AMG vehicles in exclusive, limited quantities. Offered as the Signature Series, Black Series and Editions, the unique special models stand out by virtue of their outstanding handling, motorsport performance, technical and visual distinctiveness and exclusive equipment features, depending on the vehicle type in question. The latest product from the AMG Performance Studio is the SLK 55 AMG Black Series, a purist’s lightweight version with a powerful AMG 5.5-litre V8 engine (294 kW/400 hp) and numerous components with technology borrowed from the world of motorsport. In addition to its focus on thrilling AMG vehicles, the Performance Studio satisfies the customers’ individual requests — a traditional strength of Mercedes-AMG. To meet this demand, the Performance Studio team makes very specific technical modifications including AMG sports chassis, AMG high-performance brakes, AMG wheel/tyre combinations, limited-slip differentials and customised interior features, as well as unique, made-to-order models.
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Mercedes GL 420 CDI review
After writing a great review about the Porsche Cayenne Turbo S vs. Mercedes ML 63 AMG, Auto Zeitung has done it again. This time they did a review of the all new Mercedes GL 420 CDI claiming that this is the S-class for off road driving. The GL offers comfort and a gigantic V8 diesel, which took on any challenge with outstanding results. The GL, which is based on the ML technology, is successfully being sold in the United States, but it looks like they will bring it to Europe as well. Mercedes gave its customers a couple of options in terms of engines. Besides the V8 gasoline GL 450 (340 HP, starting at 77406 euro) and GL 500 (388 HP, starting at 85898 euro), they will be offering two diesel versions for the European market: The first one is the GL 320 CDI with 224 HP (starting at 63684 euro) and the GL 420 CDI with amazing 306 HP under the hood. The GL has many features that one would only find in luxury cars, but some of the technology for offroading includes: Off-road-ABS, drive assist and an off-road control called DSR. When the DSR (Downhill Speed Regulation) button is pushed, the car then helps the driver navigate through rough terrain by driving a pre-selected speed between four and 18 km/h. The GL has also the capability of being raised three stages, up to 307 millimeters of clearance. There all kinds of extra option that you can buy the GL with, some of the includes an electrically hinged third row seats (1566 euros), Bi-xenon rotating headlights (1589 euros), rear back-up camera (522 euros) and even a separate air conditioning system for the kids in the back (452 euros) etc. Even with its big size, the Mercedes turned out to be a very agile SUV that went into curves without any problems and with its ESP (can’t be turned off) it gives the driver safe handling. Overall the GL turns out to be a solid SUV that will win over customers in Europe with its two Diesel engines.
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Video: Supercar comparison test

This is one of those videos that you just have to watch twice, the first time you watch it will be to see the cars, and the second time, you will actually listen to what the host has to say. So don't worry if you watch it a couple of times and still don't know what they guy was talking about, you probably don't have ADD, but don't tell this to a doctor because he may prescribe some. The short comparison test is between Ferrari Enzo, Porsche GT. Mercedes SLR, Lamborghini Murcielago, Aston Martin Db9 and Bentley Continental GT. So enjoy watching the video, but don't expect to see a clear win because there was none.
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Thursday, July 20, 2006

Is the Smart Roadster back?
Just as we are talking about the Smart Company being dissolved, we find that their Roadster is going to be manufactured in Wales in mid-2007. So is the Roadster back? Unfortunately No, an industry group called Kimber has bought the rights to manufacture the discontinued Smart Roadster. Project Kimber was planning on partnering with Nanjing Automotive and selling the car as a new MG, but it looks like they will do it themselves. Read more here
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Smart Car company is being dissolved
Is it over for the Smart Company? Will there be no Smart car in the US? That’s what I asked myself when I saw the title on the German website – Autohaus Online. Don’t worry Smart fanatics; you will see the Smart car in the US eventually, actually, in 2008 according to the Smart boss Ulrich Walker. The company will go through a restructuring phase were it will integrate itself with the Mercedes Car Group. Is that good? Will that help them? Well according to Walker, his goal is to finally start making money in 2007, and this integration may help them achieve that, either through cutting cost or selling more cars. So don’t worry, the Smart car is still alive and will be hitting US showrooms sometime in 2008. Source:Autohaus Online
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Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Next generation E-class
Could this be the next generation E-class, well I hope it is because it looks astonishing. I have to warn you that this is only a computer illustration and that the final product may not look like this. Nevertheless this gives us an idea on how Mercedes is thinking and which way in terms of design they will take. Source:Auto-motor-and-sport
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Smart car vs Mercedes S-class crash
An interesting look at how a Smart car holds up against the giants on the street. The fist clip is a smart hitting an E-class and the one below is with an S-class. Too me it look like the Smart survived the crash pretty good, but I am not sure if the people inside would have survived.
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New Mercedes CLK 500
This is actually not a new model, but just an upgraded version. What makes the new CLK different from the old one is that Mercedes pumped it full of steroids and transformed it into a beast with a beautiful outer shell. How do we know, well just look at the numbers. The new version has a V8 engine which produces 285 kW and 388 hp. The 5.5-litre V8 engine boasts a peak torque of 530 Nm (previous model was 460 Nm) allowing it to sprint from 0 to 100 km/h in 5.2 seconds (previous model was 5.9). The new model will certainly guarantee their owners a sports car-esque driving pleasure like they haven’t seen before. Press Release: Stuttgart, Jul 19, 2006 Bolstered by a new V8 engine developing 285 kW/388 hp, the CLK 500 Coupé and Cabriolet models now serve up sports car-esque driving pleasure. The newly developed 5.5-litre V8 engine boasts a peak torque of 530 Nm (outgoing model: 460 Nm), allowing the CLK-Class to deliver a virtuoso performance: the sprint from 0 to 100 km/h takes just 5.2 seconds (outgoing model: 5.9 seconds), while the top speed is 250 km/h (electronically limited). Despite the 26 per cent boost in power, NEDC combined fuel consumption remains at an impressive 11.4 – 11.5 l per 100 km, matching the excellent figure posted by the previous model. Now customers can further upgrade their CLK models by adding the sports and styling package, which includes leather multicontour seats, metallic paintwork, an AMG ergonomic sports steering wheel with shift paddles (with the automatic transmission) and aluminium sports pedals. The six and eight-cylinder petrolengined versions with an automatic transmission boast the special 7G-TRONIC Sport seven-speed transmission (standard in the CLK 350 and 500). In terms of exterior features, the package comprises 18-inch AMG light-alloy wheels, AMG bodystyling – for the front and rear apron and the side skirt panels – as well as an AMG spoiler lip on the boot lid and a chromed AMG twin tailpipe. These visual enhancements lend both the Cabriolet and the Coupé an even more dynamic aura. Plus the sports suspension and perforated front brake discs make the CLK even more of a pleasure to drive. The sports and styling package is available now for € 4402.00 (incl. 16 % VAT). Source:DaimlerChrysler
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Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Mercedes A-class vs. E55 AMG vs McLaren F1

While browsing through YouTube, I came across this unusual race between the Mercedes A-Class, E 55 AMG and the Mclaren Formula 1 car. This just reminds me why I love to watch the Formula 1.
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Next generation C-class Coupé
Yesterday I talked about Mercedes deciding to move their production of the C-class to Juiz de For, Brazil; and today while browsing Autobild, I found these computer drawings that supposedly show how the new coupe should look like. So, is Mercedes getting ready to start producing the new generation coupe in Brazil, and start selling it in early 2008. That is not clear right now, but one fact is, we will be getting a new c-class in a couple of years. Autobild reports that the new C-class coupes will keep similar dimensions, but will be more dynamic. There will be a couple of engines options available, like the 156 Hp strong 1.8 liter with Kompressor and the top model, C 320 CDI which will get a 3.0 liter V6 with 224 Hp. Source:Autobild
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Monday, July 17, 2006

German (Mercedes) engineering at its best
A very unscientific test on how well a Mercedes is build, but it’s still entertaining and mind boggling to see what she is doing to the poor Merc.

Source:Fifth Gear via YouTube Thank you 'chrisdpham' for uploading it.
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Mercedes SLR breaks World record
It is official; the SLR is the coolest and fastest car in the world – I mean London. To back up my claim, I present you with a piece I found at Autoblog that they got from a British website. A weekly British auto magazine – Autocar, has tested nine cars and a motorcycle to find the fastest car (motorcycle) in London. In doing so, they had to close down the cities airport to ensure a safe environment to perform this record breaking stunt. The results have been submitted to the Guiness Book of World Records so that the SLR can be registered as the fastest car that has been driven legally in London. Below is the list of the cars that took part in this test and next to them is the speed they achieved on the-mile long runway. Mercedes McLaren SLR - 175.7 mph Ford GT - 174.3 mph Corvette Z06 - 167.0 mph Porsche Turbo - 162.6 mph BMW M6 - 162.5 mph Shelby Daytona Cobra - 159.7 mph Alpina B5 - 155.4 mph Bentley Flying Spur - 157.4 mph Vauxhall Maloo - 160.8 mph No data was given for the Motorcycle. Source:Newspress via Autoblog
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Video: Exotic cars in Dubai
Here we have a really cool video of exotic cars in UAE. Sit back and enjoy the slideshow, while listening to a beautiful song in the background. Source:YouTube
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Mercedes to build C-Class Sports coupe in Brazil
Mercedes is reporting that it will start building their C-class Sports coupe in Brazil first quarter of next year. Mercedes is already assembling their C-Class saloons in the Juiz de For plant. This won’t have any affect on the US market, since the coupes will be exported to countries in Europe.
FRANKFURT, July 17 (Reuters) - DaimlerChrysler's luxury brand Mercedes-Benz will shift all production of its C-Class Sports coupe to its Brazilian plant in Juiz de Fora where it already builds the saloon version, the company said on Monday. Assembly will begin in the first quarter of next year. The model will mainly be exported to its core European market, according to the company. German media had speculated in the past whether Daimler would have to close the plant after its A-Class car proved unsuccessful in the local market and plans were scrapped to build the Smart ForMore compact offroader there. Juiz de Fora ceased production of the A-Class compact last year and now only assembles C-Class saloons for export to the United States. Global sales of the C-Class Sports coupe sank 29 percent to 33,000 cars last year, representing only about 3 percent of total brand vehicle sales worldwide. Volkswagen also builds its Fox subcompact in Brazil but exports to Europe generate losses due mainly to the appreciation of the Real.
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Video: Top Gear Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG
Found a great video clip from the British TV show "Top Gear", where Clarkson reviews the Mercedes-Benz SL55 AMG. Like Jeremy said it at the end, "It's more like a Swiss Army knife."
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Mercedes-Benz B-Class outstanding 1st year sales
While the B-class is not offered in the United States, it seems that the Compact Sports Tourer is enjoying popularity in European and elsewhere. According to Mercedes, they have sold 120,000 units in the one year that it has been released. They say that consumers like the car due to the popular optional extras that is included with the Active package. Some of the extras include:
A generously sized panoramic glass roof with a manually operated roller-type sunblind, cruise control, fog lamps, stowage boxes beneath the driver and front passenger seats and an Aux-In socket (Audio 20 upwards) for connecting external devices such as an Apple iPod® or MP3 player. Further features available as part of the Active package include the Light and Sight package with rain sensor and automatically activated headlamps.
If you are asking yourself why the B-class is not being sold in the US, then you are not alone. Press Release Stuttgart, Jul 17, 2006 The Mercedes-Benz B-Class, the new vehicle concept brought to market in June 2005, has achieved outstanding sales in the first year following launch. Around 120,000 customers have opted for the Compact Sports Tourer during this period. A large portion of this sales success can be attributed to the attractive equipment packages that are designed to fulfil specific customer requirements, the latest example being the new Active package. Comprising a selection of the most popular optional extras, the new Active package for the B-Class represents added appeal for the customer. It includes a generously sized panoramic glass roof with a manually operated roller-type sunblind, cruise control, fog lamps, stowage boxes beneath the driver and frontpassenger seats and an Aux-In socket (Audio 20 upwards) for connecting external devices such as an Apple iPod® or MP3 player. Further features available as part of the Active package include the Light and Sight package with rain sensor and automatically activated headlamps. Prices for the Active package start at € 933.80 (incl. 16 % VAT), saving B-Class customers around 30 percent on the cost of ordering the optional extras individually. The B-Class Compact Sports Tourer takes the acknowledged strengths of several vehicle concepts and combines them to create its own distinctive profile. Designed as a touring, family and recreational vehicle, the B-Class meets the needs of customers who desire a vehicle offering generous spaciousness, exemplary comfort, high practicality, exciting design and lots of driving enjoyment. Source:DaimlerChrysler
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Sunday, July 16, 2006

The 2006 French Grand Prix
It was a very interesting race, with a superb finish by Michael Schumacher. The McLaren team started with a new team line up for the French GP with Pedro De La Rosa replacing Montoya and starting in his first race for over one year. He finished with a respectable seventh place, and Kimi Raikkonen did a bit better by finishing on fifth. Here is Kimi's and Pedro's reaction to the race and their McLaren cars. Kimi Raikkonen;
"A disappointing race as the car was handling really well. We were lacking the speed to win, but I lost a few tenths in the second pit-stop which cost me fourth place today, so we definitely could have done better today. The car is steadily improving and we have further developments at the next test so we now look forward to the next race at Hockenheim in two weeks time, where hopefully we will score better in front of the Mercedes-Benz home crowd."
Pedro de la Rosa:
"The car had the speed today and felt really good to drive. I feel I really could have scored more points if I had not lost position to Mark Webber at the start of the race. This meant that I lost a lot of time in the opening stint trying to pass him and when I eventually got passed during the pit stop I was behind a lot of traffic on different strategies. As a result following the first round of stops I was over 20 seconds behind Ralf Schumacher, so it was very difficult for me to improve on my position. I really enjoyed the race and I am pleased to have scored some points for the team and be one of the fastest of the Michelin runners."
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Saturday, July 15, 2006

Mercedes to release Mild-Hybrid in 2008
Mercedes is set to release their first hybrid car, which will be implemented into the new S-class, in 2008. The new engine will be a "mild" version of the normal, which will give the car a boost in acceleration and better fuel efficiency, but won't cost as much as a normal hybrid. We look forward to the new hybrid and especially once they combine the electric motor with a diesel engine.

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WhatCar? Reader Test Team and the CL
This week has been really interesting for all the Mercedes lovers, and especially for the new CL fans. Besides posting official CL AMG pictures and Spy shots at Nürburgring. With the help of WhatCar? I bring you the first video review of the Mercedes CL that I know of, so feel special to see it first. Click on the link below to see the video review. Media Player Source:WhatCar?
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Franz Beckenbauer 's Mercedes 300SEL 6.3 on Ebay
If you always wanted to own a piece of history or wanted to be somehow connected to one of the worlds best soccer/football player, then this is your chance. You have the chance to win Kaiser's very own 300SEL. If you have the cash and live in Germany (or have the money to transport it) then this car is for you. Head over to Ebay Germany and start bidding, but hurry there are only 4 days left. If you do win, make sure to let us all know.
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Friday, July 14, 2006

Mercedes C 63 AMG Spy shots
The next generation C-Class will start in 2007, but here is a Spy shot of what might be the 481 hp strong AMG version that is being tested. Source:Autobild
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Mercedes CL 63 AMG Spy shots
We've seen it posing for us this morning, but here we found the CL AMG in action at Nürburgring. The car is all covered up, but we already know how it looks like. Source:Autobild
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Mercedes, Jaguar, BMW and Maserati convetible comparison
Over at Auto-motor-und-Sport they have an article about their comparison test between four luxury convertibles that everyone drools about, maybe not the Jaguar, but surely the other three. Unfortunately, with Auto-motor-und-Sport you have to pay to get their actual data that they have collected and used to determine the winner. I will just list the positions they ended up in without having much data to support it. Fourth Place: Maserati GranSport Spyder -- 402 out of 650 Points Wildly roaring V8 meets twisting-joyful body, agile handling, but expensive maintenance. Third Place: BMW 650i -- 478 out of 650 Points Its 4,8-Liter controls are superb. In addition there is a lot of room, but reduced suspension comfort. Second Place: Jaguar XK 4.2 -- 481 out of 650 Points The Jaguar is comfortable, agile and safe to drive. Its 4,2-Liter worked in the comparison test somewhat sluggish. First Place: Mercedes SL 500 -- 505 out 650 Points The Mercedes is an expensive two-seater with a powerful engine, sporty-comfortable chassis and solid Vario Hardtop. Original article (in German) Translated version Source:Auto Motor und Sport
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Mercedes CL AMG luxury coupé
Well,it is finally official, Mercedes has released details about their CL AMG luxury coupé. Here are some pics and a press release at the bottom. Press release: For the new CL-Class, the ultimate luxury coupé, Mercedes-AMG has now developed two AMG optional extras: a powerful AMG bodystyling package and expressive 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels with mixed-width tyres. These distinctive AMG components are available for both engine versions. The AMG bodystyling for the new Mercedes-Benz CL-Class comprises a front and rear apron and side skirts. The redesigned front bumper with enlarged air intakes and chrome-ringed circular fog lamps is lithe and athletic in appearance. Typical AMG styling, with two slanted struts and a smooth transition to the prominent wheel arches, gives a strong air of confidence and emphasises the sense of width. The AMG side skirts carry the muscular lines seamlessly through to the AMG rear apron. The rear bumper with its black insert and chrome trim strip flanked by tailpipes on either side creates a dynamic and exclusive impression. 19-inch AMG light-alloy wheels combine superb looks with optimal handling Also available for the new CL-Class, as an optimal complement to the AMG bodystyling, are 19-inch five-spoke AMG light-alloy wheels with embossed AMG lettering. The high-sheen rim flange and spokes are always eye-catching, whether the vehicle is standing still or on the move. The 8.5/9.5-inch-wide wheels carry 255/40 (front) and 275/40 (rear) tyres. The wide AMG wheels fill out the prominent wheel arches perfectly, giving the side view a sporty appearance. AMG bodystyling and AMG light-alloy wheels available for both engine versions Pre-orders are already being taken for the AMG bodystyling and AMG light-alloy wheels. The market launch date will be September 2006. The AMG components are available for both the eight-cylinder CL 500 and the V12 top-of-the-line CL 600 model. The ex-factory prices are EUR 5,336 for the AMG bodystyling package and EUR 3,132 (CL 500)/EUR 1,972 (CL 600) for the AMG light-alloy wheels (all figures include 16 % VAT). Source:DaimlerChrysler
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Porsche Cayenne Turbo S vs. Mercedes ML 63 AMG
Here we have a great comparison test done by the German automobile magazine – Auto Zeitung. This is a comparison for the ages; two of Stuttgart’s greatest gifts to the world meet for an unforgiving fight that history books will write about. Well, it’s not that dramatic, but it sure is exciting to see who will win it. It is a very extensive test that was done and definitely too long for me to translate for you. So, what I will do is just decipher the conclusion and give you the link to the original article, so you can read it yourself. According to the article, the ML 63’s V8 engine impressed the testers with its sound and temper. It(ML) was also 20,000 Euros cheaper compared to the Cayenne. The Porsche Turbo S dominated the braking, traction and safety category over the Mercedes, but didn’t manage to win the weight category, weighing 200Kg more than the Mercedes. At the end of the day Mercedes came out victorious due its remarkable agility and powerful V8. Original article (in German) Translated version Source:AutoZeitung
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Pimp my Benz: ASMA Gladiator II (aka M-class)
Here is nice gallery showing the M-class or whatever is left of it after “ASMA-design’ tuned it. They call it the Gladiator II, and after looking at the pictures, I can't help but wonder where they got the idea for the front grill from. See for yourself.
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Thursday, July 13, 2006

Preview Review: 2007 Mercedes-Benz E320 BlueTec, E350, E550, and E63 AMG
Automobile Magazine has written a preview review about the 2007 E-class. The new E-class diesel model will get the new technology, which Mercedes calls "BlueTec", that promises to reduce carbon monoxide, hydrocarbons and other dangerous pollutants. Here is a piece from the Automobile article, and below that is a link for the full story.
The latest car to emerge from the German arms race is the Mercedes E550. Part of the revised E-class family that goes on sale this fall and in the U.S. consists of the E350 (same 268-hp engine as last year), the diesel E320 BlueTec, and the E55-replacement 507-hp E63 AMG, the 2007 E550 replaces the E500. So say farewell to the E500’s 302-hp, 5.0-liter 24-valve V-8 and hello to a 5.5-liter version of the engine with new 32-valve heads that bump up output to 382 horses and 391 pound-feet of torque. That’s more power than the first, nonsupercharged 349-hp E55 AMG could muster. More important perhaps, at least to Mercedes-Benz, is that the E550 makes 22 more horsepower than its BMW challenger, the juggernaut 550i. Coupled to Mercedes’ seven-speed automatic, the E550 hurtles forward rapidly and gracefully. Upshifts, even at full throttle, are fast and smooth and barely drop engine revs. With 391 pound-feet of torque available from 2800 to 4800 rpm, seven speeds seem like wretched excess, but then again, the opposition’s gearbox had six, so, clearly, it had to be done. At slower speeds the E550 feels much like the E500. It’s only when triple-digit speeds are reached that the extra punch can really be felt. Mercedes’ Airmatic DC adjustable suspension is standard and does an admirable job of absorbing impacts, although we did notice more squat under acceleration than we remember in the E500. The optional Sport package with 18-inch wheels did little to dissuade the E550’s nose from jerking upward under hard acceleration.
Original aricle Source:Automobile Mag.
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Video: Top Gear w/ Mercedes-Benz CLS55 AMG
Here we have a review done by Top Gear about the CLS55 AMG that I found while browsing YouTube. Definitely worth watch, especially the last quote from Clarkson, which sums up what I think about the car. Source:YouTube/Top Gear
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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New redesigned Smart
Over at Autobild, they have created a computer illustration of what the new Smart Fortwo will look like. Since the Fortwo is scheduled to arrive in the States in 2008, this could very well be the model that the US driver will get. Autobild claims that nothing drastic has been changed other than the headlights and some of its size. The 2007 model that was featured at the Geneva auto show was 20 centimeters taller and about 10 wider, which made the trunk grow from 200 to 230 liters. Below we have some spy shots showing the second generation Fortwo in action. Original article (translated) Source:Autobild
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Smart EV
Will the the introduction of a electric powered Smart be a smart idea? Of course it will; with gas prices rising daily, this could be the car that can possibly jump start the Smart division and bring it back to profitability. Only time will tell, but this looks like a sure sign that they are heading into the right direction. Here is a piece from Leftlane News with more details about the Smart EV.
DaimlerChrysler today announced that an all-electric version of the Smart Fortwo will be available in the near future. The automaker will first run a market trial for the car over in Britain. Initially, it will be leased to select corporate customers. If all goes well, we may see the car offered in other markets, including here in North America. The Fortwo EV offers even better in-town performance than its gasoline powered stablemate, with 0-30 mph in 6.5 seconds. The Smart EV also sets a new benchmark in the electric vehicle sector; it has 30kW output and a top speed of 70 mph. Smart will begin selling its cars in the United States in 2008. It's not known if the 'EV' model will be ready for mass sale by that time, though it remains a distinct possibility.
Source:LeftLane News
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Spy shot of next Mercedes E class?
This is all we got for now, but AutoSpies is claiming that this new model will be a cross between the CLS and the Lexus GS-series. Even though, I can see where they have noticed the similarity between the GS and this spy shot, I wouldn't say that Mercedes is getting their idea from Lexus, but that the GS was design besed on previous MB models. We all know who the real copycat is. Source:AutoSpies
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Tuesday, July 11, 2006

New 300SL in 2010?
Autobild's photoshopped image may reveal what could be the new 300SL. According to German Auto Magazine - Autobild, this baby should be out sometime after 2010. The 750hp strong beast will be resurrected from the legendary 1954 300SL, which only had 215hp, but was still an amazing car in its time. Original article (translated) Source:Autobild
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Mercedes CL Spy Shots
We've seen many professional shots of the 2007 CL, but this is the fist time we have seen it in action. Here are some more shots of the amazing Benz. Source:Car News
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The new McLaren?
Is this the new McLaren? Well if it is, then this will be a beauty, after they of course install some windows and make it into an actual vehicle instead of a toy. This truly does looks promising and they should definitely build it. Here is a nice piece from Autoblog about the McLaren and below that are two more student entries.
We reported some time ago that McLaren was already brainstorming its next vehicle that will replace the Mercedes-Benz McLaren SLR. The SLR is surely awe-inspiring, but it hasn't made a name for itself in the current crowd of supercars like the McLaren F1 that will go down in history as one of the finest road cars ever built. As it turns out, McLaren has enlisted the help of students attending the European Institute of Design in Turin, Italy by way of a thesis project called "One Sport from 320 km/h" (rough translation) that charged 39 students with designing a super sports car for street use. From what the translation indicates, McLaren went so far as to bring the students to McLaren Technology Center in Woking, England to get to know the brand better and learn more about its accomplishments in F1 racing that could be incorporated into the vehicle's design. Fourteen groups of students produced three concepts each, of which one per group was selected to be developed further. Those resulting fourteen concepts were then further refined and built into 1:4 scale models that were judged by the people at McLaren. The design featured above called "M eleven B" by Alexander Belosio, Vito Possidente and Massimo Terranova was chosen as the best overall design of the 14 produced. If we've misread the translation, please tell us in the comments and we'll update the post with the correct information. Our Italian translator is still celebrating his country's World Cup victory and likely won't be back, at least not for another four years.
"Can-Am" of Cosimo Amadei, Jean Paul Fondeur Gill, Stefano Laruffa received a prize for best representing the McLaren brand. "MP 11" of Giuseppe Mariniello, Carl Olivieri, David Valpreda received third place overall from McLaren. Source:Virtual car via autoblog
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Monday, July 10, 2006

Video: Mercedes S350 vs Audi A8 vs BMW 730i
We found a very nice review done by Auto Motor und Sport about the three heavyweights from Germany. I feel the urge to tell you who the winner is, but it would be nice if you could watch the video because it's a very nice and comprehensive review. Hint: look at the title Source:Google Video Posted
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Mercedes-Benz SLR 722
How can you honor two legandary drivers win at Mille Miglia in 1955? simple, you make a powerful super-car even more powerful and sexier. This is the Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 (Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson's) Edition. Here is a nice piece that Autoblog wrote and below that is the DCX press release.
Produced to honor Stirling Moss and Denis Jenkinson's 1955 Mille Miglia victory, the "722" name is a hat tip to their 300 SLR's start number 722 (which corresponded with its 7:22 AM start time). The SLR's power has been boosted to a thundering 650 horsepower, and a re-tuned suspension lends the car an even more sporting character. Visually, the front air dam, and rear diffuser get revisions to improve aero performance. Black wheels and red "722" badging clue passers-by in to the fact that this is no garden-variety SLR. Inside, copious amounts of carbon fiber, leather/alcantara seating and a new race-type wheel complete the package. The Mercedes-Benz SLR 722 Edition goes on sale July 11.
Press Release: New Mercedes-Benz SLR "722 Edition": Born on the racetrack The new Mercedes-Benz SLR "722 Edition" has all the attributes of a thoroughbred racing car. Refined in numerous respects, this super sports car has more output, a tailor-made suspension configuration and a decidedly sporty interior. A continuing tradition: the new model variant SLR "722 Edition" is a homage by Mercedes-Benz to the unforgettable victory won by the British racing legend Stirling Moss and his co-driver Denis Jenkinson in a Mercedes-Benz 300 SLR with the starting number 722 (indicating a start time of 7.22 a.m.) at the Mille Miglia in 1955. With an output of 478 kW/650 hp and a corresponding performance, the new super sports car, which goes on sale on July 11, will not only make the hearts of car enthusiasts beat faster. The supercharged 5.5-litre V8 engine in the "722 Edition", which is hand-built in the AMG engine shop in Affalterbach, generates 478 kW/650 hp. The particular strengths of this high-performance engine are immediate response to movements of the accelerator, highly emphatic torque build-up and an unmistakable V8 sound. The performance figures are outstanding even for a high-end sports car: the "722 Edition" accelerates from standstill to 100 km/h in only 3.6 seconds, and 200 km/h is reached in just 10.2 seconds. The maximum speed (337 km/h) is above the 334 km/h previously achieved by the SLR. Handling characteristics worthy of the racetrack are also provided by the sophisticated suspension, with 19-inch light-alloy wheels, a stiffer damper configuration and a ten-millimetre-lower body. Larger brake discs with a diameter of 390 mm ensure excellent braking performance. Discreet visual modifications mark the SLR "722 Edition" out as special, in line with the wishes of the enthusiastic gentleman drivers and wealthy sports car collectors who make up the core target group. The modified front spoiler with an air splitter, as well as the rear diffuser, improve both the aerodynamics and contact pressure at high speeds, and reflect the transfer of cutting-edge technology from motor racing. At the same time, the use of clear-lacquered carbon as an extremely strong yet lightweight material symbolises the practicality of these technical features. Bucket-type sports seats upholstered in leather/Alcantara provide outstanding lateral support, while the grippier racing steering wheel with a hunting-leather lining, gearshift paddles and black carbon highlights lend a thoroughbred racing touch to the interior. Exclusive "SLR. Club" for SLR owners Before the sales release date, customers and selected guests will have the advance opportunity to appraise the new SLR "722 Edition". This is to mark the foundation of the worldwide "SLR. Club" at the Circuit Paul Ricard in Le Castellet, southern France. As an ultra-exclusive community of which SLR customers automatically become members, the "SLR Club" provides an attractive platform for outstanding events related to the SLR, as well as numerous other benefits. Another exciting feature is the club's SLR Safety & Speed Academy, which offers special driver training courses and seminars. David Coulthard, Jochen Mass, Klaus Ludwig, Chris Goodwin and Christina Surer are among the highly skilled and well-known instructors. Source:Autoblog/DaimlerCrysler
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Sunday, July 09, 2006

Mercedes CLK DTM AMG Convertible
We would like to introduce to you the fastest four-seater convertible in the world. The Mercedes CLK DTM AMG achieves a top speed of 300 km/h (186 mph), but therefore costs 277,820 Euros ($ 291,381). There are only 100 of these cars available and the former Formula 1 driver Mika Häkkinen was asked to test drive one for the German Newspaper – Bild. You could spent 43,152 Euros ($ 55,192) and get the CLK 200 Kompressor with 163 HP, but that would only take you up to 225 km/h (140 mph), which of course is not enough. Original Story (in German) Source: Bild
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Saturday, July 08, 2006

Benz and Porsche have lowest depreciation
I am not sure how relevant this is to the US market, but according to Mead and McGrouther’s Auto Dealers’ Digest in South Africa, Mercedes alongside Porsche had the lowest used car depreciation. The survey looked at 600 cars values taken from the used car market. Here is a full table of all the data that had been extracted; I must warn you that it is a bit hard to read at first, but you'll get it eventually. Original article Source:Moneyweb
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Friday, July 07, 2006

Mad Scientists
We all know that Radar detectors are essential for safety systems like the new Pre-Safe-Brake from Mercedes. Space researchers however are against it, since they (radar) could disturb the reception of the telescopes, and are requesting that the electronic aids be partly switched off when entering certain areas. There are only 20 of those telescope research centers throughout Europe, which are located in Central Europe away from cities. Before Mercedes was able to install the Pre-Safe-Brake system in the new S-class and CL coupe, they had to lay the system out in such a way that it can be also switched off. According to experts, the radar waves from the car would not disturb the telescopes, not only because people rarely come near the research centers, but also because the dishes would have to be pointing down and not up. They also point out that at least 100 cars would have to drive by one of those telescopes to actually have an affect, which of course is unlikely at this time. I have respect towards the scientist for trying to find other life forms, but is it really more important than having a system that can potentially save lives. Like the author says: “Should we forbid the use of parachutes because there may be a possibility that the person lands on a historically valuable excavation place. Original article (in German) Source:Der Spiegel
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The new Mercedes CLK ?
We found a computer illustration of what could be the new CLK, which according to Autobild will be released sometime in 2008. We are definitely impressed by the new look and its resemblance to the CLS. The headlights could use some refinement, but the rest is a beauty.If we can trust Autobild and their computer drawings, then this is most likely to be the competitor to the new A5 that Audi is releasing. Here you can view a picture gallery of the upcoming Audi A5, BMW 6 series and Mercedes CLK. Source:Autobild
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Interactive Mercedes-Benz Website
Check out this very well-made Mercedes website that lets you “experience” 19 of their standard features “first hand”. It makes you realize how special a Mercedes is and how these and other features make the car what it is. Please enjoy the interactive site, but don’t forget to actually read the descriptions and not just play around. Click here to visit the site. Source:Mercedes-Benz/A-to-S
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Thursday, July 06, 2006

Review Preview: 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG
Here we have a nice Preview Review about the 2006 Mercedes-Benz CLK63 AMG. It is definitely and interesting article worth reading for all the Benz enthusiasts.
You would think a sport cabriolet fitted with a 5.4-liter V-8 making 362 horsepower would be enough. But no. In these wonderfully hedonistic, power-crazed days, we’re witnessing a horsepower race that makes the muscle-car battles of the 1960s look as tame as waging war with bows and arrows rather than Hellfire missiles. So, the Mercedes-Benz CLK has now emerged with a mighty 6.2-liter V-8 that makes 475 horsepower and 465 pound-feet of torque. The rival BMW M3 musters a mere 333 horsepower. As well as the new V-8, the CLK receives a freshening that includes a more aggressive body kit with new front and rear fascias, as well as stylish 18-inch wheels. The suspension has been recalibrated, and the new cross-drilled and vented Brembo brake discs have six-piston calipers at the front and four pistons at the rear. The main news, though, lies underhood. This is AMG’s first in-house engine design and features lots of sexy, race-derived features such as bucket tappets and a bedplate construction, wherein the crankcase is split at the crankshaft center line. Although Mercedes refers to the engine as a 6.3, in fact the capacity is 6208cc. It’s mated to the now ubiquitous seven-speed Mercedes automatic transmission that features manual shifting via either the gear lever or paddles fixed to the steering wheel, in place of buttons on the backside of the wheel.
Read more here Source:Car and Driver
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The World's Best Sports Sedan
Automobile Magazine has a great comparison test between the Audi S6, BMW M5, and Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG. Here is a quote from the article and also a direct link at the bottom. If you are not interesting in reading the whole comparison test, Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG won it
What makes the E63 so special is the blend of its abilities. For a start, it's a particularly emotional machine-mean-looking, acoustically overwhelming, and very fast, yet it can be either velvety smooth or bondage brutal, whichever you wish. True, the stability-control warning light may flash in the wet at 125 mph, but you won't feel more than a tug or a kick, and then it's full urge again all the way to the 7200-rpm redline. Unlike the supercharged E55, which was so pumped up with hormones it could hardly accelerate in a straight line, the follow-up model is a lot more relaxed, more sure-footed, and quite a bit quicker. By a wafer-thin margin, the Benz has the most compelling engine. It wins the torque trophy and the acceleration medal, it sounds awesome, it's mated to a transmission that confines itself to only three shift programs, and its relentless push extends into the triple-digit speed zone. What this car needs to move even closer to perfection are brakes with extra staying power and steering that can do more than change direction.
Source:Automobile Magazine
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Mercedes CLR takes off
A legendary clip showing a Mercedes CLR taking off into the air just to land, after a couple flips, into some trees.
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Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Luxury key ring (Platinum)
This must be one of the most expensive key-chain in the world. Here is the description:
Brushed finish. Edge engraved with Mercedes-Benz logo. Appliquéd Mercedes-Benz star. (.950 Platinum)
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Monday, July 03, 2006

Is the Smart car smart?
DaimlerChrysler AG may face an uphill struggle when it launches its two-seater Smart car in the United States in 2008. In a quick survey of Americans in New York's Times Square on Wednesday, as many people saw the tiny vehicle as ugly as found it cool and cute. And there were also concerns about safety and the lack of space -- for baggage or people. While Smart cars have been tooling around European cities for years, the American car market -- still dominated by SUVs and pickup trucks -- is an entirely different matter. Even in an era of $3 a gallon gasoline and increased concern about the environment, many were still wary. Continue reading
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Mercedes R-Class wins design award
The Mercedes-Benz R-Class has received the prestigious Red Dot Design Award from the North Rhineland-Westphalia Design Center. The R-Class was deemed worthy of the honor because, according to Peter Pfeiffer, head of design at the MB Technical Center, it creates "a visual association between the concepts of space, dynamism, emotion and speed." Source:Autoblog/DaimlerCrysler
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June 2006 Sales Numbers
Autoblog has compiled a list of the sales numbers in the month of June. Mercedes is showing a strong comback from just year ago where they post a lose. Chrysler -21% at 51,986 (June 2005: 65,594) Chrysler Group -15% at 185,946 (June 2005: 220,032) Dodge -11% at 96,485 (June 2005: 107,997) Mercedes-Benz 14% at 20,802 (June 2005: ~18,247) View the complete list here Source:Autoblog
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