Maybach Diamonds 57S

Muamer Hodzic December 16, 2006

This has got to be one of the craziest things Mercedes has done in recent times. They’ve embedded real non conflict diamonds into every possible corner of a Maybach. Why did they do it, Who really knows. It’s like asking why Mercedes has an AMG version for every model they make, nobody really knows, but everyone likes it. So if you got money for a Maybach, then that is not going to cut it. The starting price is about 360,000 Euro, but to have a diamond studded ‘bach, you’ll need another 230,000 Euro. Who really has that much money, other than the richest 1% in the world who own 40% of the planet’s wealth. You can call Mercedes crazy, which I don’t, or you can call them brilliant for creating a car that will bring the 40% to a 39.9999%.

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