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Hess Motorsports Releases Customization Kit For The E350

Despite its German-like name, Hess Motorsports is a US-based car customizing company which has released its take on the E350. Starting with a gloss-painted black body sedan body, Hess added a rear spoiler and applied Llumar black tint to the windows. Continuing with the all-black theme, Hess then replaced the standard wheels with 20-inch NC forged rims with black centers and a polished outer lip. The spoke design allows the brake rotors to show through, while the ride height has been adjusted with Eibach Pro springs to provide just the right clearance between the fenders and the Michelin low-profile PS2s. Taken as a whole, Hess Motorsports has produced a version… Continue Reading »


Kicherer Presents Its SLS Roadster Supersport GT/R

As any chef will tell you, using the best ingredients is a crucial step to get the best out of a recipe. Tuner Kicherer obviously subscribes to that principle, as it has already made a name for itself, turning out Mercedes hot rods for the discriminating set. With their latest offering, Kicherer bumps up the sensory factor still further, using the SLS Roadster as their base ingredient. Calling their creation the SLS Roadster Supersport GT/R, Kicherer installs a black hand-formed grille that is more subdued, removing the in-your-face 3-pointed star logo. In its stead, we get vertical fins that give the front of the car a predatory appearance. 5-spoke 20-inch… Continue Reading »


FAB Design SLS Pair Seen Prowling London

As you’ll see in the clip below, what we have are a pair of FAB Design SLS Gullstreams. The chances of two such supercars meeting up in a congested city like London are, if not remote, quite unusual, so this could some sort of viral promo. And although they’re unmistakably based on the SLS AMG, enough modifications were done so that the tuner felt the need to stamp their own identity onto the cars. Which is why you see FAB Design’s logo on the grille instead of the three-pointed star. Powered by a 6.3-liter V8, AMG’s creation develops around 615 horsepower, which allows the car to hit 100 km/h in… Continue Reading »


Piecha Design Gives Aging SL-Class A Facelift

Despite the fact that a new SL is on the horizon to replace the relatively old SL, Piecha Design has come out with a new kit to give the 2008 and newer SL-Class another facelift. Piecha’s kit includes new housings for LED daytime running lights and fog lamps. This housings fits all SL bumpers, including the AMG-specific bumpers of the SL63 and SL65. A three-part front spoiler lip is also offered with the kit, which allows owners to mix and match their car’s look according to their whims. No styling kit is complete without a unique set of wheels, and Piecha’s offering is its set of MP1 wheels that are… Continue Reading »


Wheelsandmore Unleashes Its SLR 7o7

Owners of the McLaren SLR who, despite the rarity of their supercars desire more exclusivity can now look to Wheelsandmore, the German tuners known for their exteme makeovers. Obviously, 620 horsepower is not enough for these guys, as their made over SLR, proudly called the SLR 7o7 edition makes, you guessed it, 707 horsepower. This extra output was made possible with the use of a larger compressor and ECU tuning. Torque output is also an outstanding 915 Nm, compared to the stock, but not insignificant 780 Nm. This extra power is handled by a racing-style coilover suspension featuring high-strength aluminum, as well as lightweight 20-inch wheels wrapped in Dunlop Sportmaxx… Continue Reading »


MEC Comes Out With Vader-like CLS 500

Despite the appearance of the new CLS, tuners still see the older generation CLS as an appealing platform to flaunt their designs and wares. Such is the case with MEC Design’s rendition of the CLS 500, which is more of a styling exercise than a performance upgrade. Starting with a mean-looking body kit that replaces the bumpers, side skirts and adds a rear diffuser, a rear window spoiler and a 3-piece trunk spoiler, MEC goes on to replace the OEM mufflers with stainless steel units that give the rear of the car quad tailpipes resonating with an aggressive burble. The treatment at the front includes LED fog lights and DRLs,… Continue Reading »


Brabus Outs the 800HP E V12 Cabriolet

Super tuner Brabus has outed its latest project, which it claims to be the fastest 4-seat cabriolet at the moment: the Brabus E V12 Cabriolet that’s based on the E-Class cabriolet. As you can guess by its name, the tuner has outfitted the car with its own Brabus 800 V12 twin-turbo 12-cylinder engine to produce an astounding 800 horsepower with 1,047 lb.-ft. of torque that’s electronically limited to 811 lb.-ft. The V12 engine is connected to a 5-speed automatic tranny and comes with a high-performance exhaust system that features stainless steel construction and four tailpipes. The car’s 0-60 speed is pegged at 3.7 seconds, and it gets to 200 kph… Continue Reading »


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