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More EU Nations Could Block Mercedes-Benz Car Sales

France is only the beginning. With more EU governments deciding to take action against Daimler over the use of coolant in certain new Mercedes-Benz models, the German automaker could have a hard time sticking to its preferred automotive coolant. Some new Mercedes-Benz A-Class, B-Class, and SL-Class models have been denied registration by France as Daimler continues to use R134a, the coolant banned by the EU starting  2013. R134a has been classified as a global warming agent and is said to be a thousand times more powerful than carbon dioxide. According to Daimler, the replacement coolant approved by the EU, R1234yf, poses a risk as it could emit toxic should it… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz Cars In Danger of Getting Recalled by EU

In January 2011, the EU mandated all car manufacturers to stop using the R134a-based refrigerant due to its high carbon emission. The EU ordered that the old coolant should be replaced by the R1234yf. According to the EU, the R134a possesses a Global Warning Potential (GWP) figure equivalent to 1,430. On the other hand, the replacement only has a GWP of four which makes it very ideal for the environment. A two-year grace period was given to all car manufacturers after the effectivity of the new law. But last January, the grace period came to an end. However, Mercedes-Benz remained firm in its position to stick with the R134a. The… Continue Reading »


New Mercedes-Benz Cars to be Banned in UK over Green AC Gas Issue

It looks like Mercedes-Benz won’t get away with not using the ‘green’ coolant decreed by the EU. Thousands of new cars will be banned from being sold in Britain because they are now declared illegal by the EU, as the German automaker continues to be engaged in a dispute over the use of a new air-conditioning gas required by the EU–a gas that Mercedes-Benz has found to be very flammable. According to Mercedes, this new coolant enforced by the EU catches fire and explodes on impact, thus making it a safety hazard for motorists. Regardless, the EU remained adamant and gave reminders that automakers who refused to use the aforementioned… Continue Reading »


Daimler Decides To Develop A New Coolant That Will Comply With EU

Daimler AG finally took a step to quell the issue that it is facing due to its refusal to adopt the European Union policy which mandates all auto manufacturers in its jurisdiction to switch to the new R-1234yf air conditioning coolant. According to Reuters, the company decided to solve the matter by instructing its engineers to make a completely different A/C system that will not be as flammable as the one required by the EU. It can be recalled that Daimler was firm in its decision not to adopt the new R-1234f refrigerant because of its hazardous effects when it mixes with the A/C compressor oil other substances present in… Continue Reading »


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