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“Ambitious but realistic” plans for 2010

Daimler has announced in Berlin its “ambitious but realistic” growth plan for this year. This includes the projected 50% sales increase of the E-Class. According to Dieter Zetsche, Daimler plans “to grow at around double the rate of the global passenger-car market in full-year 2010.” It is said that the new E-Class and S-Class models are continuously increasing. A 27% increase was set for the first quarter alone of 2010. We did not limit ourselves to simply trying to somehow keep our head above water in the crisis,” said Zetsche. The Daimler Chairman praised the German government for its initiative to help its country to be the leading market for… Continue Reading »


Mercedes GP out of contention- Mark Webber

Mark Webber of Red Bull Racing said on a report that Mercedes GP is doing okay but it will be a three team battle of McLaren, Ferrari and his team, Red Bull. The three teams have shown consistency and reliability at the first 3 races. “I think Ferrari and McLaren are very strong – clearly it’s three teams already. Mercedes are doing okay but it’s Ferrari, McLaren and Red Bull who are the most consistent at the moment in terms of pace.” The three teams that Webber mentioned have won a grand prix. Ferrari was able to grab P1 and P2 finish in Bahrain and also a P1-P2 finish for… Continue Reading »


The upcoming 2012 B-Class

The B-Class has been a marketable model for Mercedes since it was launched in Europe, Asia, and other continents. It has sold over 120,000 units on its first year of production. The next generation will come out in 2012 and will now be available in the US. There are speculations that Mercedes is planning to widen its range by introducing new variants a new convertible coupe and a hatchback to compete head on with the 1 Series from BMW. There’s also a possibility to offer a new four door on a coupe platform. The hatchack is slated to come out, as it is now being developed and tested at the… Continue Reading »


The upcoming ML63 AMG

The recent spy pictures of the next generation M-Class that has proliferated the net lately has given as so much anticipation on what the new M-Class would look like. But we didn’t expect that the performance oriented variant, ML63 is now also undergoing development. Speculators say that the new ML63 will be powered by the 5.5 liter Biturbo V8 that produces 536 horses with 630 Nm of torque. Earlier reports have confirmed that the new direct injection engine will be 25% more efficient and quicker by one hundredth of a second, 0-60 in 4.5 seconds. The new engine is said to have a 24.7MPG. Now that’s impressive for a 5.5… Continue Reading »


The Matte Blue CLS55 tuned by ASMA

Another Mercedes tuning company has taken the CLS55 to another level or should I say, a different level. This 4 door coupe from Dubai was tuned with one thing in mind, uniqueness. ASMA is known for its unorthodox tuning and styling, being as such, The Dubai Sheik has commissioned ASMA to tune his CLS55 and make it a one of a kind three pointed star. The CLS really looked like it was not made by Mercedes-AMG anymore. Sporting a matte blue finish with black deep dished alloy rims and tricked out fenders and body kit together with a grille that looked like a staircase. I am a big fan of… Continue Reading »


Mercedes-Benz E63 AMG drifting video

Driving in wet conditions could be dangerous as we know. Aquaplaning is our nightmare when we drive our cars at mid-high speed. It makes the car go out of control when it aquaplanes. Well… to some driving in the rain is fun, especially when you’re in a circuit with an AMG E63. The 525 horsepower V8 gives the car so much power and making it drifting in the track quite easy. As you can see in the video, the car is stable while drifting and it gives geometry a new meaning. It’s like a ballerina on stage with a symphony of harmony watched by thousand of spectators. The AMG’s power and… Continue Reading »


New C-Class to hit market in 2014

The facelifted C-Class is set to hit the market next year. The current W204 will be enhanced and have some minor exterior styling changes such as new alloy wheels, LED lights and front fascia. The interior will be updated together with some mechanical upgrades. The new generation C-Class will be launched in 2014. The new sedan will inherit its design from the F800 concept. The futuristic design of the F800 concept will influence the new range of Mercedes to come. The new C-Class will be sharing all the innovative safety features from its big brother, the new E-Class. A wide array of engines like a three cylinder, a couple of direct… Continue Reading »


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