Kleeman Restores SLS AMG To King Of The Hill Status

Emmanuel P January 29, 2013

Kleemann SLS CA197

Now that Mercedes has released S-Model variants for the E- and S-Class, the SLS AMG has, for now, been left stranded in terms of horsepower bragging rights. As we all know, power isn’t everything when it comes to evaluating sports car performance, but…

To the rescue comes Kleeman, a tuner who has developed a supercharger kit for the SLS AMG. Installing this supercharger kit will give an SLS AMG 762 horsepower, which puts an SLS back on top as king of the hill. Of course, with the precise metering the M159 engine requires, one can’t just remove the turbos, slap on the supercharger and be done with it.

Apart from the supercharger, Kleeman will replace the exhaust system, adding stainless steel cats, an X-pipe and a valve controlled rear silencer. Needless to say, some ECU recalibration is in order but at the end of the day, you will have your 760 horsepower SLS. Which should be enough to keep all but the most insane builds at bay.

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