2014 S-Class Coupe Seen Winter Testing

Emmanuel P January 18, 2013


Scheduled for introduction at the 2014 Geneva Motor Show, the new S-Class Coupe was recently seen winter testing. Unlike earlier pre-production prototypes with extensive camouflage cladding, this new coupe from Mercedes is seen in more or less final form. In fact, the only significant coverings on this car envelope the bumper area, where a lot of refinements can still be done to portray the look Mercedes designers want. And speaking of refinement, this luxury coupe is setting its sights on the Bentley Continental GT. Expect then that this top-of-the-line two-door from Mercedes to emphasize luxury as much as performance.

Speaking of which, the 2014 S-Class coupe will not be a slouch in any of its guises. Even with its large mass, Mercedes’ V8 and V12 engines will ensure that these cars will perform like a luxury yacht instead of a land barge. The S500 will be fitted with a 4.8-liter V8 with an output of 435 horsepower, while the S600 will boast of a smooth V12 with 544 horsepower. In V12 guise, Mercedes has ensured that it will outpace the Bentley Continental.

Nowadays, no Mercedes model seems to be released without an AMG version, so there will be a pair of S63 and S65 AMGs to choose from. The S63 will be running AMG’s  workhorse 5.5-liter V8 (544 hp), while the V12 will be massaged by the master tuners to a soaring output of 630 horsepower. Together with these massive outputs will be AMG-exclusive trim like wheel arches with 21-inch wheels, a DTM-style diffuser and quad tailpipes. Prices will be in the region of if you have to ask…

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  1. Is this some sort of joke? If you think this shows the new S class coupe then you must know nothing what-so-ever about Mercedes Benz. These are ancient pictures of W216 Testing from 2005…

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