SLS AMG Vs. Diablo Clip Shows March Of Technology

Emmanuel P October 24, 2012

Confirmation that the Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG is indeed a supercar can’t be more emphatically driven home by this YouTube video of an unmodified SLS AMG going up against an equally stock Lamborghini Diablo. As any car enthusiast know, all things Lambo qualify as exotic cars, and all of these creations back up their outrageous styling with equally outrageous performance.

But you’ll soon see what a decade means in terms of performance gains. At the end of its production run, the Diablo was equipped with a 6-liter V12, producing about 550 horsepower. It was available in either rear- or all-wheel drive.

As any MB-AMG diehard knows, the SLS AMG on the other hand has just under 570 horsepower and at 1600 kilos, is about 25 kilos lighter than the Diablo. With such numbers on paper, we’d expect the SLS to win any stoplight grands prix against the Diablo. But as you’ll see, the performance difference garnered by 10 years of technological development is much more than mere numbers would suggest.

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