SLS AMG Asserts Its Presence In Real-World Video

Emmanuel P October 10, 2011

Coverage of the SLS AMG has certainly not been lacking for the German manufacturer’s fabulous supercar, but a lot of these have been produced by professional outfits tasked with coming up with high quality output to make an impact.

But the SLS AMG doesn’t need extra help to make its presence felt, as this video shows. Taken at a mall in the UAE, the clip begins with the car entering the frame as it prowls down the driveway leading towards the road. Looking like a runway model on a catwalk, the SLS AMG exudes a presence that cannot be ignored. The rumble of the exhaust as it passes the camera promises of performance that surely exhilarates and which few cars can match. It’s too bad the road wasn’t long enough for the driver to make a full throttle run. Most enthusiasts who don’t even dare to dream of owning this supercar would surely have appreciated seeing the sound and fury this car can unleash.

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