Mercedes Pins Hopes On Smaller Cars To Push Sales

Emmanuel P October 13, 2011

In the struggle for the top metric which is car sales, Mercedes is leaving no stone unturned, as evidenced by its furious pace in developing and bringing new models to market, such as the new SL- and C-Class as well as the newly announced CLC, baby SLS and A-Class.

While Mercedes-Benz USA has managed to stay with Lexus and BMW in the U.S. luxury market, MBUSA management feels that that there are untapped markets that could be satisfied with well-slotted products from the three-pointed star. To this end, it is looking at the smaller cars in Mercedes-Benz’s product line to increase US sales.  Among these are the C-, B- and upcoming A-Class.  The C-Class is expected to get a refresh soon, and will get clean diesel and hybrid variants in the process. Meanwhile, the B-Class may not be as luxurious to some compared to the S-Classes, but for the market that the B-Class is targetted at, the B-Class should be more than enough. But perhaps the most important model will be the A-Class, which MBUSA executives initially weren’t keen on. But after seeing the reception to the car in various events, MBUSA management was convinced that this relatively diminutive car could make a big impact.

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