Untitled Jersey Project : A New Breed of Film, by Audi

Clarissa September 24, 2011

Audi, in association with FX, is kicking off a short TV series similar to any other TV action/drama to help showcase and promote the 2012 Audi A6. As you’ll read below, the plot and trailer isn’t too shabby, but we’ll have to wait and see if it doesn’t just become a cheesy product placement, like Transporter 3, or if it actually will have some decent acting and action scenes.

It stays in the fashion of how luxury car manufacturers develops these promotional films– fast, adrenaline-pumping and mind-boggling just like our Mercedes-Benz movie titled “Drive & Seek” that was launched to promote the C-Class Coupe.

This one though is a bit different as it is an eight part series, that allows people to find clues about the mysteries and be in the know of the screenplays. Viewers will also be introduced to new characters and storylines and they can also offer suggestion on the title of the series by visiting

It will be shown starting September 25 and will air over FX’s Sunday primetime movies.

The plot: Frank George and Ray Rahne are partners in their growing architecture office from New York, and they are ready to take their business to new heights. A project of a lifetime comes their way, offering them a job to design a new stadium complex across the Hudson in New Jersey. Their luck, their new client, Larry Tyerman, is a developer.

What they do not know is that Tyerman is a shrewd negotiator and businessman who has connections everywhere and anywhere and get everything he wants when he wants it. Everyone owes him a favor, from cops to politicians, no one can stand in his way, especially since money “works” for him. His partners in the project, the young Taiwanese investors have a conflict of interest that can shut the entire project down.

The different cast of characters from Philip Haney, the city councilman and his driver Tony Hello. As well as the femme fatale image of Jane Kaplan, a staff writer at the Ledger, all of them will make you rise from your seat from excitement, as you guess who’s the culprit and who’s the victim. It’s all about the money and what power and fame it can give to anyone who have it.


This post is sponsored by Audi and FX

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  1. Audi is just a cheap copy of Merc and it will allays be so. People who want to buy a Merc but cant afford it, they buy a audi… Mercedes RULEZZ and audi sucks

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