I-Limb Pulse Project by Mercedes GP Petronas and Touch Bionics

Clarissa August 16, 2011

One day in the life of Mercedes GP Petronas’ boss Ross Brawn, a letter came to him with one of the most touching story. A young man braved to ask for $57,000 from him so that he could have a high-tech artificial limb.

That young man is Matthew James. He is a fourteen year-old British who was born with a congenital defect which made him live without a limb for years. Although he was using an artificial limb already, the young man really wanted to be able to do more than closing and opening his ‘hand’. Being a teenager, he really wanted to move normally, like other kids his age.

Because of the letter, which touched the hearts of the F1 Team, they decided to partner with i-Limb Pules to create a customized and “advanced prosthetic limb” for James. The amazing invention had been fitted by James already and it really is a wonderful product.

The high-technology limb is equipped with motors which will allow him to grip, tie his shoe lace and pretty much do anything he wants. The ‘hand’ can move, as it can send signals that can be transmitted to a mini-computer in the palm, allowing reactions and messages to be sent so it can function as a normal hand.

“Matthew’s letter to the team was very touching, and of particular personal significance given my close relationship to Reading School, which both Matthew and I have attended. Looking closely at the i-LIMB™ Pulse, we realised how much our technologies in Formula One had in common with those used to create this cutting-edge prosthetic limb, and that we may be able to offer some synergies to Touch Bionics to assist their invaluable research. Meeting Matthew, and hearing firsthand how the new device would improve his quality of life, was a pleasure and I am delighted that our initial contact has now led to such a positive conclusion,” said Team Principal of Mercedes GP Petronas Ross Brawn.

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