Baby Benzes Set To Conquer The World

Emmanuel P August 1, 2011

Scheduled for production in 2013, Mercedes-Benz will be introducing the latest generation A- and B-class models. In the case of the A-Class, the new generation will see no less than seven body variations, which will be made available in all major markets, including the U.S.

The A-Class platform will also serve the B-Class, which will see a crossover competitor aimed at BMW’s X1. Additionally, there will be CLC-class variants that will be in similar in size to Toyota’s diminutive Corolla.

But before you think that Mercedes-Benz is moving downmarket, these German- and Hungarian-built baby Benzes will be considerably larger than the models that they will replace. Whereas the current A-class is slightly shorter than a Mini Cooper, the upcoming A-Class will actually be almost 2 feet longer than the Mini. And if the 2-door A-Class concept shown at the NY Auto Show is any indication, the interior will be anything but drab.

Four powertrain types will be available for these upcoming models, from a gasoline/electric hybrid, to fuel-cell variants, a few diesels and on to a 340 hp biturbo four cylinder AMG variant. Drive will be front- or all-wheel drive, depending on the powerplant. Expectedly, we will find Mercedes’ 7-speed automatics, but stick shifters can opt for an equally excellent 6-speed manual.

By the looks of it, Mercedes is covering all its bases in this segment, and has even announced that if the European plants fall short of demand, the company has its China plants to make up the shortfall.

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  3. Great, I can buy a BMW Series 1 with a Mercedes star on the front. The reason it is two feet longer than a real A Class and the same length as a current C Class is that it is the same car as a (new) C Class. Mercedes will have three lines A, B and C that are the same car, just with different cosmetics. Some will be shinier than others but no real choice except on price. Big difference over at BMW where S1 and S3 are really different cars. After 20 years of Mercedes looks like I bought my last.

  4. I’ll look forward to the arrival of the A and B classes to arrive in the United States. We see the occasional B200 with Canadian license plates down here, people always give them a double take.

    Could the B class sell like the Volkswagen Golf sells in the States? It’s hard to say. If they can build it like a $40,000 Mercedes, with good road feel and driving manners, if they can pack the same safety features into it… and still sell them in the $30k range, they may just have a contender for a very competitive segment.

  5. @ Dave Beck

    If you have owned a Mercedes for the past 20 years, that makes you probably at least 40, 50 or 60. So these Merc’s are not for you. Mercedes got a much younger design and appeal lately and they seem to continue this.

    I am in my 20s and I admire all Merc’s models and although this is new stuff, I like it. Its a smart move from Mercedes, and I am sure there will be more exciting models form them. I dont want to drive an E-class just yet and I can only afford something (new) below a C-class so this fits me well.

    Mercedes also is re-emphasizing quality in their interiors and the way they build the cars so these new Benz’es will be a firm statement of what Mercedes stands for, for the new younger generations.

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