Australian PR Trek Has Mercedes Experiencing A True Adventure

Emmanuel P August 9, 2011

Aiming to show Australians that their G-Class wagens have what it takes to tackle the Outback, Mercedes planned and organized an almost 1,200 mile trek across the historic Canning Stock Route. This route used to be a major lifeline in getting cattle from remote ranches to Perth. The expedition planned by Mercedes would start from Halls Creek (Western Australia) to Wiluna. Though now unused for its original purpose, this route is recognized as a great adventure route for trekkers.

Aiming to finish the route in 14 days, the organizers set off in 7 G-Class wagons, which are vehicles that have admittedly proven themselves to be capable off-road warriors. But not this time. In a 70-kilometer stretch a few days into the trek, six of the seven G-wagons broke their rear shock absorbers, so much so that the expedition had to halt while replacement parts were flown to a remote airstrip, where the lone surviving G-wagen picked up the spare shocks. The lone undamaged vehicle is a mil-spec G-Class called the G-Professional. Since the rest of the machines remain driveable, the expedition will continue as planned as soon as the spares are installed.

Call this thing a blessing in disguise, because if Mercedes had marketed the G-Class in Australia with unmodified rear suspension setups, the inevitable breakages would have soured the G-Class’ solid reputation for a long time.

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