Top 5 Business Cars of Today

Muamer Hodzic July 13, 2011

Business cars are the status symbol for today’s modern business man. They need to be sporty, luxurious and have enough room to fit in your golf clubs. Each car brings their own unique feel to what executive driving should be, from a focus on power, to luxury and even economy. The cars featured are just a snippet of the huge range of great executive cars out on the market.

1. Mercedes Benz C-Class

When you think of a Mercedes Benz you imagine efficiency and stability. Like with most of the German manufacturers cars efficiency and effectiveness come in droves with the C-Class.

The Mercedes Benz C-Class doesn’t falter in those regards. The ride is stable and well controlled. Probably one of the best executive cars out on the market at the moment the huge 320 V6 diesel engine packs a punch and offers up huge performance coupled with luxury.
With the C class models there’s a huge range of different engines, from the small supercharged 1.6 litre petrol to the huge 6.3 litre V8 there are plenty of options in terms of performance.

The overall build of the medium sized executive car is excellent and has come along leaps and bounds from Mercedes previous models. The car is beautiful, its design is a masterpiece of engineering and the people at Mercedes spent a lot of time getting it to where it is.
Handling is where this executive car comes into its own. The Mercedes engineers spent a lot of time making sure the C-class felt right and they did a good job. The whole range of c-class models have wonderful body control and really feel from the wheels. Although the BMW is probably more energetic the Mercedes holds onto its efficiency and feel.

Space isn’t a problem for the car either, the wide saloon model offers an abundance of space inside and backseat passengers don’t suffer with the boot being around 475 litres, average for a car of its size.

Overall the Mercedes is the epitome of efficiency, as is to be expected from Mercedes. The C-class executive saloon goes further though, bringing back its sporting performance and adding great handling to the mix, the car can really go whilst still keep its luxurious and executive feel.

2. Audi A4 B8 2008

The A4, simply put, is the show girl of Audi’s range. The A4 range accounts for around 41% of Audi’s production.
To me the Audi A4 is one of the best looking executive cars on the market. Its sleek and simple design makes it an effortless beauty; the flowing shapes give it the elegant and luxurious feel of many of its executive rivals and then some.

The previous models of Audi were to some, lacklustre but it seems Audi have learnt from their mistakes with the A4. The car is quiet, comfy and composed. Most people will be looking to the 2.0 – litre TDI model, giving a not to be shrugged at 140 horse power and a 0-60 time of around 9.4 seconds. Due to the performance not being off the scales the fuel economy is great, making it a fast car that is relatively cheap to run.
On the road the Audi A4 doesn’t falter, it’s a nippy executive car and is extremely competent. It’s robust and well-built chassis and body really help it get along and it really doesn’t falter.

Overall it is an executive car that does the job. It’s a beautiful car that gets you from A to B without much trouble or fuss. An executive car that is reliable and nippy, although it doesn’t shout out at you, it’s extremely competent.

3. BMW 5 Series

The BMW 5 Series, to many, is the benchmark at which all other business cars are judged. With this vehicle BMW found the perfect blend of comfort and performance. The BMW 5 series are a joy to drive whilst giving you that feel of raw power that could put a lot of sport cars on the market to shame.
Although the BMW 5 series was launched in 2003 the car still looks modern and striking eight years on. Its radical looks, which put some people off the car, gives it that modern and unique feel that makes the 5 series such a one-of-a-kind executive ride. The slick body accompanied by the shark fin aerial on the roof again further adds to its radical and charming looks.

The BMW 5 series is quite the behemoth when it comes to performance in comparison to its business car rivals. The car boasts a wonderful 0-60 time of around 6.8 seconds, outputting 235 brake horse power and 369 lb/ft of torque at 2,000 rpm. The car is also fitted with an electronic limiter that throttles the top speed to 155mph.
Although the 5 series gives a hefty offering in the performance department, it won’t break the bank in fuel costs. BMW state that the car offers 44 miles per gallon making it a series of cars that can really pack a punch whilst not guzzling the fuel. The 5 series is a staple in the executive car world and is still one of the best big sporty vehicles on the market.

4. Chrysler 300c

The Chrysler is again another car that is very striking to look at. The car is unmistakable on the roads and holds a real presence whilst driving it. It’s an executive car for people looking for something different and against the grain.

Although the car is so large, it’s still very agile and quick. It can be driven with a lot more energy than you’d expect. The ride in the car is excellent and it comes into its own on the motorway. The car is running the Mercedes E-Class diesel engine under the bonnet, giving a really powerful driving experience for a car so big. Its size though, can be a problem, the car is a staggering five metres long making it hard to place the front of the car, the dash also projects very far forward making regular tasks such as adjusting the rear view mirror difficult.

The size of the Chrysler is a huge advantage when it comes to sheer space in the car. There is a gargantuan amount of space in the car in comparison to other execs. The Tourer model’s boot for example offers a huge 630 litres of space with the rear seats up, fold away those seats and you are looking at around 1,602 litres of space in the back.

Where the Chrysler has its downfall though is in fuel economy. Despite the car having a diesel engine the 3.0 litre beast averages a not so impressive 34.9 miles per gallon.

Although the car isn’t the best when it comes to fuel economy it is an executive car for people looking for something a little different. Its beautiful looks make it a unique and easily recognisable car, couple that with the brilliant ride it offers for such a big car and the amount of space inside and you have an executive car that really holds its own with more than just footballers and hip hop stars.

5. Lexus GS450 Hybrid

The first thing that jumps to mind here is that the words Hybrid and Executive car shouldn’t really be in the same sentence, but fear not, because the Lexus GS450 has finally given executive cars that chance to be much more economical whilst still keeping its luxury and performance.
The look of the car can be described in two ways; understated and classy. The car screams out ‘executive vehicle’. The 450 version of the car is the top of the range and offers great performance for a hybrid car.

Lexus’ executive cars have never really disappointed in the interior department, keeping that luxury and executive feel whilst sticking to its Japanese roots with all the buttons and dials you’d expect from a modern Japanese vehicle.

In the ride department again the Lexus 450 isn’t a let-down; any executive ride needs to be smooth and the Lexus delivers measuring up to its rivals in that sense.
The main problem with the Lexus though comes in terms of space. Due to it being a hybrid a lot of the cars huge amount of space is taken up by batteries, leaving very little regular space for drivers and passengers.

The Lexus is an executive car for people looking to reign in fuel prices and be more environmentally friendly. Although the car is a hybrid it in no way diminishes its performance or ride. The car feels like an executive vehicle and could be the way a lot of new models go.

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