Mercedes-Benz Offers ‘Mobile Service Checks’ until October

Clarissa July 28, 2011

Mercedes-Benz is bringing the repair garage directly to the owners. In this project called ‘mobile service checks,’ the company will conduct free inspection including tread depth, test of tire pressure an oil and water levels. Aside from that, the body and wheels, as well as the lighting will be checked by the experts to see if there are any damages. There will also be a mobile lift where the fuel line, engine, tank, gearbox and power steering will be checked.

While waiting for their car, the customers can have a drink and relax. Then, after all the inspections, the customers will be given a test report indicating if there are any problem in their vehicle. They will also be given a complimentary 1L Mercedes-Benz genuine engine oil.

Here are the places that the mobile service checks will visit:

29.07 – 30.07 Real Gerlingen
2:08 to 3:08 Kaufland, Peine
05:08 to 06:08 Real, Böblingen
12:08 to 13:08 Mann Mobilia, Mainz
19:08 to 20:08 Real, Brunswick
19:08 to 20:08 Marktkauf, Cottbus
26.08 – 27.08 Elbe Park Dresden
2:09 to 3:09 practitioners, Kempen
2:09 to 3:09 globe, Erfurt
05:09 to 08:09 practitioners, Düsseldorf
7:09 to 8:09 Bördepark, Magdeburg
09:09 to 10:09 Lion Centre, Leipzig
13:09 to 14:09 Kaufland, Heilbronn
14:09 to 15:09 Real, Bremen Habenhausen
16:09 to 17:09 Metro, Düsseldorf
19:09 to 20:09 Henry Furniture, Bad Nenndorf
21:09 to 22:09 in real Böblingen
23:09 -24.09 Real Dreieich
09.27 -28.09 real Würzburg
28.09 -29.09 Ratio Ratingen
30.09 -01.10 globe Cologne
30.09 -01.10 Real Heiligenhaus
14:10 to 15:10 Homburg Real
19:10 to 20:10 Hamburg Real-Oststeinbek
21:10 to 22:10 Möbel Kraft Buchholz
28.10 – 29.10 Segmüller Parsdorf

Source: Daimler

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